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SNC2P Chemistry Unit

This pages contains the daily course topics, notes, readings and assigned work for the

SNC2P Chemistry Unit

Classroom Procedure, Course Information, Notebook evaluation, Daily Work Log, Safety and Efficiency

Chemical Symbols, Lab Equipment, Lab Hazards

Quiz, Lesson 1 Booklet: 'How Do Scientists Measure Things?' , Worksheets: thermometer, graduated cylinder, triplebeam balance

Lab SkillsWorksheets
The Scientific Method, Variables Worksheet, Complete Lesson 2 booklet 'What is Scientific Method?' 
What is Chemistry?, Physical/Chemical properties and changes, Discuss , Complete Lesson 22 booklet 'what is the Difference Between Physical and Chemical Change,

handouts  Physical and Chemical Properties
and Physical vs. Chemical Change. Quiz 2 next period
Quiz 2 'Physical and Chemical Changes', Lab 1: Chemical Changes - Set up in lab notebook, begin lab
Complete Lab 1 and hand in
 Lesson 9 booklet 'What are Atoms?', Inside the AtomLesson 10 booklet ', What are the Parts of Atoms?',  Begin Periodic Table Basics cards

Lesson 13 booklet 'What are Elements?',  Atoms video, Worksheet:'Substances and Mixtures'

Elements Quiz, Demonstrations of properties for metals and nonmetals,

Video - 'Atoms and Their Electrons' , Bohr-Rutherford diagrams, Lewis dot diagrams,
worksheet Periodic Table Basics
Complete and take up Periodic Table Basics cards, Quiz - The Atom and Periodic Table
TVO Video - Structure of the Atom, The Changing Model of the Atom, Lab 2: Flame Tests - set up in lab notebook
Conduct Lab 2: Flame Tests, write up lab and hand in
Bonding Basics - Forming Ionic Compounds - How to Draw Ionic Bonds, Bonding Basics, Worksheets: Atoms, Ions and Ionic Compounds, Bonding Basics - Ionic Compounds
Modelling worksheet, Video: Chemical Bonding
Bonding Basics Practice Page, Quiz - Ionic and Covalent Bonding, Lab 3: Classifying Solids - set up in lab notebook
Conduct Lab 3: Classifying Solids, write up lab and hand in