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SNC2D Light Unit Chapter 11 Day by Day


How is Light Produced?, Sources of Light, Incandescent lightGas discharge, Fluorescent light, Fluorescent light 2,  LED light,

Properties of Light, Lunar Eclipse, Solar EclipseLight Ray Diagrams With Shadows,Workbooklet: What is a Shadow?

Investigation with a Pinhole Camera
Question Set for Ray Diagrams in Pinhole Cameras ,                                                                                                                                                                         

Reflection of Light, Laws of Reflection worksheetWorksheet information,

How the Eye Sees an Image, Plane Mirror diagram 1, Plane Mirror diagram 2, How are Images Formed by a Plane Mirror?Characteristics of Images,  

Drawing Images in a Plane Mirror, Mirror Images Diagram worksheet,

Convex vs Concave Mirrors, Curved Mirror Focal Points, Curve Mirror Note, Curved Mirror worksheet,

Investigating Images Formed in Curved Mirrors
, Convex mirror problem set, Concave mirror problem set,