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SNC2D Chemistry Unit Chapter 5 Day by Day

This pages contains the daily course topics, notes, readings and assigned work for Chapter 5, SNC2D Chemistry unit

Course Introduction, Classroom Procedures, Lab Safety, Chemical Symbols and Lab Equipment, Daily Work Log, Notebook Check,

Complete: 'Safety and Efficiency', 'Chemical Symbols','Lab Apparatus'

Classifying Substances, Properties and Change,
Read p.175-178, Copy out 'In Summary', Complete #2-10

page 178

Review Properties and Change, discuss assigned work, Diagnostic tests, (demonstration for each test),

Review of lab skills

Quiz next period - on Lesson 1 and 2, Read p.184-187


Quiz 1, Review of the Periodic TableAtoms, Dynamic Periodic Table,  

Complete worksheets for neutral elements only: Atomic Structure, Parts of an Atom  


Bohr-Rutherford diagrams, Lewis dot diagrams,

Complete Periodic Table Basics version2, and Periodic Table Basics Cards version2, Read p.188-190

Discuss assigned text work, Trends in the Periodic Table, demonstrations, 
Review the Trends and the terminology


Formation of Ions, Complete p.191, #1,2,5-8, read p.192-195, Draw the ions for the 1st 18 elements using Bohr-Rutherford and Lewis dot diagrams, Define: ionic compound, ionic bond, electrolyte. List the properties of ionic compounds, Copy out 'In



Discuss assigned work, Atoms, Ions and Ionic Compounds, Read p.196-200, Complete #1-9, p.195,

Print 'Nomenclature Binary Ionic', 'Naming Binary Single Oxidation'
Quiz 2
Discuss Binary Ionic compounds with a single oxidation number, Complete worksheet 'Binary Ionic Compounds with single oxidation numbers', Print notes for Binary Multiple Oxidation Numbers and Binary multivalent metals 
Discuss worksheet, Binary Ionic Compounds with multiple oxidation numbers, Complete worksheet Ionic Compounds Names and Formulas, Complete p.200 #2-7,9
Discuss worksheet and text questions, Classical naming of multivalent compounds , Complete from yesterday's worksheet #1 k-t, #2 k-t, and discuss Classical naming work in class, Read p.202-205, Quiz 3 next period, Print out 'Naming Chemical Compounds composed of more than two elements', and Naming and Formula: Polyatomic Compounds,  , Polyatomic chart
Quiz 3, Polyatomic ions, Discuss Polyatomic ions and nomenclature, Print out worksheet 'Polyatomic nomenclature'
Discuss Polyatomic ions and nomenclature, Complete worksheet and ionic compound practice, p.205 #1-11, Read p. 206-212
Quiz 4, Discuss molecular drawings, Comparison between Ionic and Covalent drawings, Discussion about lab write ups using 'Sample Lab', Print out: Lab 1 'Classifying Solids', and worksheets 'Putting it all Together', 'Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature', Answer Sheet
Inclass assignment 'Bonding' - Complete and hand in, Read and Prepare Lab 1 for next period
Conduct Lab 1 'Classifying Solids
Complete Lab 1 write up and hand in lab

Chapter 5 Review