About the Teacher

Hello! Shaun Marksbury here.

My wife and I hail from Florida, coming out here in 2005 on scholarship to continue my education. We’ve been blessed with eleven years of marriage and four kids (three girls and a boy) along the way. As to the continuing schooling, I’m a grad of The Master’s College (Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries), now entering my senior year at The Master’s Seminary (Masters in Divinity).

So what’s the deal with Lighthouse? To put it simply, I’ve always enjoyed teaching. I began helping young people while still in high school myself: as a Martial Arts instructor during the week, and as a leader in Children and Youth Ministries during the weekend. In the fourteen years since came several adult classes (one bringing the blessing of the scholarship, but that is another story), as well as private tutoring and class courses in English, science, math, speech and debate, technology, and self-defense.

Education is the cornerstone of everything we do, both as people and as a people. It’s vital for our children to have a firm grasp of grammar and logic so they can process ideas with critical minds and understand the design of the universe around them. With the blinding rate of stimuli and data streaming into their phones and computers, equipping them to be able to pause and sift information for value is difficult. It is a life-long journey, and I hope I can provide a helpful nudge along the way.