July 23- July 27


  • Welcome
  • Syllabus Packet due by Tuesday July 31st
  • To use the iPads from home use the SUHSD login App
    • Temporary Username: Student ID Number or iboss   
    • Temporary Password: Birthdate or suhsd1
    • If you are having issues please refer your concerns to

Week 1

Monday July 23, 2017

-Warm-up: Student information sheet 

            - Statistic Treasure Hunt


Tuesday July 24, 2017


-Shipwreck Activity

-Science Memory Game     


Wednesday July 25, 2017


            -Go over class syllabus

            -Checking for Understanding questions about the syllabus 

 Thursday July 26, 2017 


-Go over Lab SafetyHandout

-Safety Test 

-Peer Grade Safety Test 


Friday July 27, 2017 


            -Who I am activity