Welcome to the new school year! 
I know it may be a bit confusing with the devices to know what kind of school supplies you should bring this year.  My suggestion would be to bring something to write on and with the first day and see what your teachers are asking you to have.

The best way to get in touch with me is through e-mail.  This can be found on our school web page.

Most assignments will be done using our 1:1 devices (laptops) and can be found on Moodle.  If you are having difficulties, please let me know and I'll see if I can help you or find the person who can.
My Courses:

Biology:  This is the regular biology course required by the state of Arkansas.  I work very closely with other teachers in my department and if you are unable to find me -- one of them may be a good place to start if you have a problem!  Materials Needed:  Paper, writing utensils (you know what works best for you!).

Marine Biology:  This is an honors science elective.  In this course we study all aspects of the ocean but concentrate on the creatures living there and the environmental factors that affect them.  Expect to do some reading in this class and be ready to get wet with our aquariums!  Paper, writing utensils (you know what works best for you!).

Biomed:  This is an honors science elective.  In this course we will study human body systems.  Expect to work hard and be prepared to think and do some really cool labs!  Materials Needed:  composition book, small binder OR folder with prongs (be sure that it can last the year!), paper, writing utensils.

ELL Biology:  This is a new course with our new English as a Second Language Academy.  Students will be learning biology as well as learning English.  Materials Needed:  Paper, writing utensils.