This site is for Uta Frith's Science&Shopping network to share ideas and information, aimed at promoting the careers of women in science. We'd like to accumulate useful knowledge about common problems. We dislike whinging and dreariness, but we like people and things that are inspiring and fun. 

There is a News page with links to recent articles on gender and science issues. 

Are you interested to learn more about Twitter? 
See Jennifer Rohn's notes for smart and busy women on Twitter under 'Resources'.

Read Athene Donald's post on giving women greater visibility to women via Twitter. She found Twitter an eye opening experience and asks "What have you got to lose by dipping your toes in the water?

Read Dorothy Bishop's piece to get a gentle introduction for the apprehensive academic.

Read Tom Hartley's What is the point of Twitter? http://thermaltoy.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/what-is-the-point-of-twitter/
Here is useful advice if you want to start your own science blog.

See some splendid examples by our members:

Here is a Blog that deals a lot with women and academia: http://professorkateclancy.blogspot.com/

Here are some topics suggested by you for discussion:
Research portfolio updates - tell us about yourself!
Striking a balance - how to combine research, committee work, reviewing, teaching.
Something about the lives of women who are NOT mothers
Flexible working
Time management
Collaborations - dangers and downsides
Collaborations between science and humanities/social sciences - what works, what irritates, what could be done in the future
What could Academies do?
Public engagement with science
Ethics of neuroscience
Any good films/theatre/books (see also Tips, Tricks & Shopping)
Implications of new financial pressures: how to mitigate the adverse effects
Implications of libel laws for scientists (http://www.libelreform.org/)
Looking after elderly relatives (look under Tips & Tricks for helpful suggestions)
How our health and ill health affects us
How to cope with data deluge
What is the optimal size for a team?

Recent Announcements

  • A propitious time for women entering academia? This good news article by WIlliams & Ceci in PNAS, April 2015 is worth reading. But is it too good to be true or have we really made progress? Please comment ...
    Posted 15 Apr 2015, 09:13 by Uta Frith
  • The discussion deepens: "Women in Academic Science: A changing Landscape" A review article by Ceci et al. presents some evidence on leaking pipelines and critically discusses possible explanations.Published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest in November 2014.Diane ...
    Posted 28 Feb 2015, 02:03 by Uta Frith
  • First UCLWomen's Guest Lecture We are delighted to advertise this, the first UCL Women’s  Guest Lecture,  to be given by Nobel Laureate, Elizabeth Blackburn. She will talk about her ground breaking work on ...
    Posted 15 Jan 2015, 03:01 by Uta Frith
  • Gender imbalance in the University Royal Society Fellowships (URFs) 2014 Much has been said about this problems and there is an excellent BBC Radio 4 programme, broadcast on 2nd October. The interviews with Dame Athene Donald and Dame Julia Higgins ...
    Posted 15 Jan 2015, 03:11 by Uta Frith
  • Why are successful women often called 'abrasive'? Laura Bates wrote in the Guardian on 3rd October 2014 about the personal criticisms levelled specifically at successful women. This is based on a piece by Kieran Snyder in August ...
    Posted 3 Oct 2014, 02:53 by Uta Frith
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