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Substrate-directable chemical reactions

Harvard Chemistry Lectures and Handouts (2006-2007)

Web Text

chemguide High school/First year chemistry

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 8th Edition TPB torrent

A-level Chemistry [e] Online copy of the A-level textbook

CHEMystery Virtual High School Chemistry Textbook & Courseware

Grade 11 Chemistry Lessons for Grade 11 and 12 standard high school chemistry. Contains study notes, handouts/powerpoints and example labs and assignments

Organic Chemistry virtual textbook From Michigan State University UK A-level Chemistry

Hyper Chemistry Mind Map with references and concepts


General Chemistry [pt 1] [pt 2] [pt 3] [pt 4] UC Berkeley

Organic Chemistry I Yale, prof. McBride

Organic Chemistry II Yale, prof. McBride

Organic Chemistry Haverford, prof. Claude E. Wintner

Chemical Structure and Reactivity [Fall 2012] [Fall 2010] UC Berkeley, prof. K. Peter Vollhardt

Organic Reactions & Pharmaceuticals UCLA

Organic Reaction Mechanisms I UC Irvine


General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II

Physical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry


Khan Academy [v] General Chemistry & Organic Chemistry

Freelance Teacher [v] Basic Chemistry & Physics [v] Chemistry lessons (beginning)

Study Stove [v] Chemistry and physics problems explained

Midnight Tutor [v] Some chemistry videos (more being added)

Chemistry Vignettes Videos that explain specific subjects of Chemistry


BBC TWO - Michael Mosley - The Story of Science History of science


New Scientist (Popsci) Can be found on Avaxhome
Scientific American (Popsci) Can be found on Avaxhome

Tools & Apps

WebQC Various chemistry tools and references

Macs in Chemistry Chemistry applications and tools for chemists who use macs; includes tips, reviews, and a blog for updates on each app/tool

ChemSpider Chemistry Tools & Database

Avogadro [b] 3D Molecule Application

Wolfram Alpha/ Chemistry Knowledge Database/Computation Engine

PhET Chemistry Java apps hosted by University of Colorado, topics include general and quantum chemistry

Symmetry Resources Simulations that deal with symmetry in Chemistry

Problems & Challenges

Chemistry Olympiad papers (UK) [e] With answers, aimed at 17-18 year olds

ACS Chemistry Olympiad exams [e] With answers

Chemistry Olympiad (Germany) [e] With answers

nrich/Chemistry Chemistry Math Challenge Problems

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Chemistry problem solving. New problems every month.


WebQC Various chemistry tools and references

ChemWiki UCDavis UC Davis' ChemWiki

ChemSpider Chemistry Tools & Database

Periodic Table of Videos [v] Element Information

WebElements Interactive Periodic Table

Ptable Interactive Periodic Table

E-Molecules Finds the names of structures that are given; helpful for nomenclature or knowledge of reagent availability

Bad Chemistry

Table of the Nuclides Various nuclear chemistry data onsite and linked. Includes an isotopes graph (Clickable graphic in center of the page)

Thorium/LFTR pictures and schematics

Material Data Safety Sheets Links to databases containing vast amounts of information on Chemicals

NIST Chemistry WebBook Chemical and physical property data on over 40000 compounds