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Open & Online Courseware


Academic Earth OCW Compilation

Compilation of Intro Courses OCW list pertaining to specified subjects

Cosmo Learning OCW Compilation


LearnersTV Some videos are from OCW (professors) and some are civilian volunteers

OCW Consortium OCW Directory Note: Not all OCW’s have video lectures.

Open Culture (courses link)Aggregation of OCW materials

Open Learning Initiative Some random courses

Udemy Open Source OCW


Youtube Edu Compilation

Udacity Assortment of courses mostly centered around technology

Coursera Online courses by different universities

University of Reddit

Colleges / Universities

Berkeley (alt: YouTube channel)

Carnegie Mellon


Harvey Mudd [Has real analysis]


Notre Dame

Open University

Oxford Math

Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE)

Tufts Focus on Life Sciences

U Colorado Math


Course Departments

Maybe this should go to a better page like the "Universities & Exam Boards" one but it doesn't look like it will fit there currently as of this time.

Computer Science

Computer Science Department - University of Toronto

CS50 - Harvard University


Macro 2100 - Brooklyn College
Micro 2200 - Brooklyn College
International Trade - Brooklyn College
Economic and Business Statistics - Brooklyn College
Microeconomics Lecture Notes - Rio Hondo College
Notes for Microeconomics - New York University


Mathematical Methods - Brooklyn College


How to Become a Good Theoretical Physicist by Gerard 't Hooft

Recommended Lectures & Courses

Experimental/tentative section

Notation: [l = individual lecture] or [c = course] Title (hr:mm:sec); Institution; Lecturer; pre-req knowledge

[l] Einstein's General Relativity (1:38:28); Stanford; Leonard Susskind; calculus and first year physics

Human Behavioral Biology (playlist); Stanford; Robert Sapolsky