Scientific Visualization And Animation System 

Based on Java and Java 3D 


SciDelik is an advanced scientific visualization and animation system based on Java and the 3D scenegraph graphics API, Java 3D, of Sun Microsystems, Inc. SciDelik has been under development for the past several years and is arguably the  first full-featured, turnkey, scientific visualization package of its kind based on Java.

SciDelik was a featured demo at the Java 3D pod at JavaOne 2007. 



  • 100%  Java / Java 3D
  • Multithreaded
  • Based on the data flow paradigm with improvisations to minimize data copy and memory footprint
  • Easily extensible and scalable modular design based on OOP and design patterns
  • Fairly large code base - more than 120K LOC with a full featured, user friendly GUI
  • Capability to process and visualize both structured and unstructured grid topologies with any combination of triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedrons, prisms, pyramids, and hexahedrons 
  • Custom serialization design with very low memory footprint to store and retrieve even very large scenegraphs using minimal meta-data

Standard Features

The standard visualization primitives in SciDelik include:

  • Automatic extraction of boundary surfaces with specified crease angles
  • 2D outlines, 2D/3D wireframes, and annotated bounding boxes
  • Subzone volumes and surfaces
  • Fast extraction of multiple isosurfaces using a pointerless Kd-Tree
  • Fast extraction of multiple and arbitrary slice planes using a BV-Tree
  • Vector glyphs of various types
  • Efficient schemes to extract contour lines and contour bands on arbitrary surfaces
  • Interactive user defined hardware clip planes
  • Point probe aided by an efficient data structure for accelerated point search
  • Dynamically linked Java2D based colormap editor  

Vector Field Visualization 

SciDelik has been designed with a very strong objective to facilitate convenient interrogation and illustration of salient features of the data using animations. Vector field visualization paradigms in SciDelik include:

  • Animatable, illuminated, and haloed streamlines with different pulse types
  • Streamribbons
  • Animatable, dashed, streamtubes
  • GLSL shader based particle sprites of various kinds
  • Animatable, dynamic, texture advection on arbitrary surfaces


CFD datasets are courtesy of NASA repository


Animated Texture Advection and Particle Sprites 

(SSLV Dataset)

Texture Advection Close-up View



Contour Lines and Bands on Slice Planes

and Isosurface. Texture Advection on Isosurface. 

(Delta Wing Dataset)



Animated Streamtubes, Contour Lines

and Texture Advection 



Animated Particle Sprites 

(Oxygen Post Dataset) 




Illuminated, Haloed Streamlines





Animated discrete Particle Sprites

(Bluntfin Dataset)