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Welcome. Relax, take a coffee or a beer. The discussion will start in a moment,but don't be too impatient. We are here to explore, discover and enjoy science and technology.

I am the moderator of this science café. Here are our experts, and you, the public. This is a public-driven discussion, so I'll just let the expert to present themselves and I'll pass you the microphone. The most important ingredients of this coffee are ... your questions.

This is how a science café works. Its is a conference in Alice's wonderland, i.e., upside down. Instead of listening EXPERTS that sit behind a desk, we ask experts that sit, like us, at a table and discuss with them. Science café aims at bringing science back into the society.

We think that scientific discussion is fundamental in our society. Science and technology are more and more important, and people is often asked to choose among technical options, not an easy task. Broadcasting media like tv and journals or magazines do no clarify every doubt, and Internet is still missing a human flavor. Why not spending one in a time an evening in a friendly environment, discussing about space missions instead of football?

We are trying to collect here some experiences from all the world. Many other cafés can be found on (UK and all the world), (USA), (France), (Italy), (European network) or in Second Life. Feel free to send us your testimonial. Here ( a nice list of photos from all the world. 

We hope that this book will encourage many other people to set up a science café, maybe with a new formula, in an original environment, with a novel public. Maybe on the Enterpise, with Klingon experts.

You may ask yourself: what is a science café?