Sicheng ZHAO (赵思成)

Ph.D., Postdoc research fellow
EECS, University of California Berkeley
Email: schzhao at gmail dot com


I am a postdoc research fellow athe Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley. My supervisor is Prof. Kurt Keutzer. I worked as a postdoc at School of SoftwareTsinghua University, China, from 2016 to 2017, working with Prof. Guiguang Ding.  I obtained the Ph.D. degree at School of Computer Science and TechnologyHarbin Institute of Technology, China, in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Hongxun Yao. I was a research assistant at School of ComputingNational University of Singapore from 2013 to 2014, advised by Prof. Tat-Seng Chua and Prof. Yue Gao. My research interests include multimedia affective computing, social media analysis, and computer vision, especially focusing on image emotion analysis and related applications. Currently, I start to work on domain adaptation. My research works have been published in top-tier journals such as IEEE TAFFC, TCYB, TMM, TCSVT, TITS, and top-tier conferences such as ACM MM, IJCAI, CVPR, AAAI.

  • [Call for paper] ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM) Special Issue on "Affective Computing for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Multimedia Data" [Deadline: 15 December 2018[CFP] 
  • [Call for paper] IEEE VCIP 2018 Special Session on "3D Big Data: Representation, Understanding and Applications" [Deadline: 25 May 2018[URL
  • [Call for paper] ACM MM 2018 Workshop on "MMAC: Multi-Modal Affective Computing of Large-Scale Multimedia Data[Deadline: 8 July 2018 23:59 PST[URL
  • [Call for paper] ACM ICMR 2018 Special Session on "Large-Scale 3D Multimedia Analysis and Applications[Deadline extended to: 25 February 2018 23:59 PST[URL] [closed]
  • [Call for paper] Multimedia Tools and Applications Special Session on "Large-Scale 3D Multimedia Analysis and Applications[Deadline extended to: 31 August 2017[CFP] [closed]

Research Experiences

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab
UC Berkeley: 2017.09 - 

Postdoc research fellow,  Supervisor: Prof. Kurt Keutzer

Domain adaptation, multimedia affective computing

Multimedia Intelligence GroupTsinghua University: 2016.08 - 2017.09

Postdoc research fellow,  Supervisor: Prof. Guiguang Ding

Multimedia affective computing, image captioning

Visual Intelligence Lab, Harbin Institute of Technology: 2009.09 - 2016.07

Research assistant,  Supervisor: Prof. Hongxun Yao

Multimedia affective computing, Image emotion ayalysis and applications

Lab for Media SearchNational University of Singapore: 2013.07 - 2014.06

Visiting student, Supervisor: Prof. Tat-Seng Chua and Prof. Yue Gao

Social media analysis, brand tracking and social event detection

Selected Publications [full list]

Journal Papers:

1. Sicheng ZhaoGuiguang Ding, Yue Gao, Xin Zhao, Youbao Tang, Jungong Han, Hongxun Yao, Qingming Huang. Discrete Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions With Shared Sparse Learning. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (TAFFC), 2018. [accepted]

2. Sicheng Zhao, Yue Gao, Guiguang Ding, Tat-Seng Chua. Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in MicroblogIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (TCYB), 2018. [accepted]

3. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Yue Gao, Guiguang Ding, Tat-Seng Chua. Predicting Personalized Image Emotion Perceptions in Social Networks. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (TAFFC), 2018. [accepted] [data]

4. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Yue Gao, Rongrong Ji, Guiguang Ding. Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multi-Task Shared Sparse RegressionIEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM) 19 (3): 632-645, 2017. [data]

5. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Sendong Zhao, Xuesong Jiang. Multi-modal Microblog Classification via Multi-task LearningMultimedia Tools and Applications 75(15): 8921-8938, 2016.

6. Sicheng Zhao, Lujun Chen, Hongxun Yao, Yanhao Zhang, Xiaoshuai Sun. Strategy for Dynamic 3D Depth Data Matching Towards Robust Action RetrievalNeurocomputing151: 533-543, 2015.

7. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Yanhao Zhang, Yasi Wang, Shaohui Liu. View-based 3D Object Retrieval via Multi-modal Graph LearningSignal Processing 112: 110-118, 2015.

8. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Xiaoshuai Sun. Video Classification and Recommendation Based on Affective Analysis of ViewersNeurocomputing 119: 101-110, 2013.

9. Guiguang Ding, Wenshuo Chen, Sicheng Zhao, Jungong Han, Qiaoyan Liu. Real-Time Scalable Visual Tracking via Quadrangle Kernelized Correlation FiltersIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (TITS) 19(1): 140-150, 2018.

10. Yanhao Zhang, Lei Qin, Rongrong Ji, Sicheng Zhao, Qingming Huang, Jiebo Luo. Exploring Coherent Motion Patterns via Structured Trajectory Learning for Crowd Mood Modeling. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT) 27(3): 635-648, 2017.

11. Fanglin Wang, Shuhan Qi, Ge Gao, Sicheng Zhao, Xiangyu Wang. Logo Information Recognition in Large-scale Social Media Data Multimedia Systems 22(1): 63-73, 2016.

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13. Sendong Zhao, Ting Liu, Sicheng Zhao, Jian-Yun Nie. Event Causality Extraction Based on Connectives AnalysisNeurocomputing 173: 1943-1950, 2016.

14. Tingting Han, Hongxun Yao, Xiaoshuai Sun, Sicheng Zhao, Yanhao Zhang. Unsupervised Discovery of Crowd Activities by Saliency-based ClusteringNeurocomputing 171: 347-361, 2016.

15. Yanhao Zhang, Qingming Huang, Lei Qin, Sicheng Zhao, Xiusheng Lu, Xiaoshuan Sun, Hongxun Yao. Strategy for Aesthetic Photographing Recommendation via Collaborative Composition ModelIET Computer Vision 2015 9 (5), 691-698.

16. Yanhao Zhang, Qingming Huang, Lei Qin, Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Pengfei Xu. Representing Dense Crowd Patterns Using Bag of Trajectory GraphsSignal, Image and Video Processing 8 (1): 173-181, 2014.

Conference Papers:

1. Bichen WuAlvin WanXiangyu YuePeter H. JinSicheng ZhaoNoah GolmantAmir GholaminejadJoseph GonzalezKurt Keutzer. Shift: A Zero FLOP, Zero Parameter Alternative to Spatial Convolutions. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Jun. 2018, Salt Lake City, USA. [accept as spotlight]

2. Sicheng Zhao, Guiguang Ding, Yue Gao, Jungong Han. Learning Visual Emotion Distributions via Multi-Modal Features FusionACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM), pp. 369-377, Oct. 2017, Mountain View, USA. [full paper]

3. Sicheng Zhao, Guiguang Ding, Yue Gao, Jungong Han. Approximating Discrete Probability Distribution of Image Emotions by Multi-Modal Features FusionInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), pp. 4669-4675, Aug. 2017, Melbourne, Australia. [oral]

4. Sicheng Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Yue Gao, Rongrong Ji, Wenlong Xie, Xiaolei Jiang, Tat-Seng Chua. Predicting Personalized Emotion Perceptions of Social ImagesACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM), pp. 1385-1394, Oct. 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [full paperoral[data]

5. Sicheng Zhao. Image Emotion Computing. ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM), pp. 1435-1439, Oct. 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [doctoral symposium]

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