About the Book  TIN LIZARD TALES







My wife and I took this trip in the early spring of 2004.  I decided at the outset that I would keep a journal and record the places and events I found particularly interesting.  I flagged those that I wanted to get more information on when I returned home.

We purchased a North American Rail Pass, a 30-day ride on both Amtrak and Canada's VIA Rail.  Both countries had to be visited but there were no limits on the number of places we could visit or stops we could make.  The only rule was that the trip had to be completed on 30 days.  The program is still in effect and, although a little pricier than in 2004, it's still a wonderful bargain, especially for seniors.

Keeping a journal is no fun.  In fact many travel writers decry the practice and claim that it limits their enjoyment and stifles their freedom to really explore the sites they visit.  All that is true.  In fact, many bets have been made about how long a person can actually keep a journal while traveling.  I was fairly dogged about it, although enthusiasm waned as the trip neared completion.  Had I not been diligent, I would never have been able to write Tin Lizard Tales.

After returning home, I wasn't really thinking about writing a book but after researching my journal entries, I decided that the work shouldn't go to waste.  Now, four years later, and with 5 file boxes stuffed with research material competing for storage spots, my book is completed and on the market.

As I wait for royalty checks (where are they?), I lecture and speak at writing groups and book clubs trying to inspire others to get out there and write.  I share information about self-publishing, promoting, and marketing books because so many folks have the urge to write but don't know how to go about it.  Admittedly, it's a rough world out there for writers.  So many books are written every year (no one really knows how many) that publishers are too busy to deal with the small fry.  But writing is such a joyful and fulfilling endeavor, and there are some new publishing options available, that if you want to do it, jump right in.  You'll find plenty of help should you need it.