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Athough I may appear as somewhat of a curmudgeon, I am more a man who is passionate about the problems of life.   As my wife and I travel by train through the United States and Canada, I convey some of my observations.  I want you to experience the highs and lows of train travel; the smells and sounds, the rudeness and joys of life both on and off the Tin Lizard.

As we begin our trip, I offer a short primer on the safety and history of train travel.  Then the sights become lessons in history and in-depth looks at the people and events that shaped North America.  I delve into public and corporate pollution.  I take you into the meatpacking business where cruel and careless procedures have created a public outcry recently.  We'll look at drug company practices and the homeless dilemma, along with hobos and bums, and some idiotic celebrities who have earned my earmark as jackasses.  I critique the critics of the emergency response procedures used during the 9/11 tragedy.  I share my thoughts on zealotry versus foolishness as applied to some popular crusades.  I am not, you will find, nor do I want to be, always politically correct.

Along with the bluster, I include instances of natural beauty, companionship, comedy, and warm encounters (there were many) because I'm really not a bitter person.  Actually I'm as tender as a banker's heart.  I've attempted to call attention to the problems we face, explain how they got that way, and discuss ways to solve them as opposed to being malicious.  I hope that you, the reader, will enjoy putting me in my proper place as you read the book.


Reviewers say...

"Mr. Wallace has an acute sense of humor and it shines through story after story.  He is also a wonderful observer and his description of the country side is some of the best descriptive writing I've come across in a long time.

...I loved every word of it.  Very much recommend this one."

Don Blankenship


"From the first paragraph of the prologue...I knew I was giving myself over to a gifted writer...I loved the book, the stories, Mr. Wallace's wit, his descriptions and his bits of history.

..I've gotta say, this is one heck of a travel book."

Katie Osborne


Wallace..."writes with an open manner...Let's hope this is not the last book as he is an excellent writer..."

Jerry Guild


"I loved Wallace's humour, it had me cracking up every time...Completely addictive...An intriguing and thoroughly interesting book."

Jessica Roberts