Eustace Watkins the London distributor Wolseley cars and special coachwork

                                                                                   Eustace Watkins

Small impression of E.W. garage(s) and showroom(s) , scanned from old magazines,

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Why this website.

These days is for a lot of people  Eustace Watkins is only known as just a name  for special types of bodywork  for cars mostl Wolseley's and some Riley's

But this company was also known the main London distributor of Wolseleys for more than 50 years.

With the Japanese car invasion in the seventies, a lot of old faithful garages had the choice to change with the new times or getting out of business. 

The great motoring historian Michael Worthing Williams describe this period as the throw away seventies.

This was also the case with Eustace Watkins, when they went out of business in the mid seventies.

To clean the premises all administration and documentation collected all over the years found their way into the trash container(s).

This is the main reason why it is so hard to find these days any historic documentation about Eustace Watkins

If you can add any pictures or stories about the company, this will be grateful accepted.

Hope you got a small impression about this company, and the historic motoring grounds






















 12 Berkeley street in the year 1949

                                                                                                                                                    12 Berkeley street  in the year 2004



                                                                       12 Chelsea Manorstreet


























         Visit to the historic grounds  (2008)          


                                               12 Chelsea Manor St corner on the left Chelsea Manor Gardens                                              




  Right Chelsea Manor Gardens corner left Chelsea Manor St


On Flood Walk in the shadow of the Battersea Power Station chimneys the former workshops and 

                                                 the temporary storage of the cars in stock hall (see the red arrows) are still in existence.

                                         This back part of the site was nicknamed by the former Eustace Watkins employees as  “The Catacombs”



         If you want to vieuw more street details, you can use these days  Google maps
 Eustace watkins brochure



Former E.W.  Service Depot Croydon in 2004 Vauxhall Dealer Tom Pink (with thanks for pictures to David Allen)
E.W.  Service Depot Croydon in the early sixties
         2004                                   2008                                                                                     2004                                              2008
If you want to vieuw more (update)  street details, you can also use these days  Google maps
                                                                      On request
       It seems to be, that a lot of visitors to this website are missing the special built E.W coachwork cars

























































      1939 E.W Wolseley's                                                                         18/85 HP  E.W Wolseley                                         
      14/60 HP E.W. Wolseley   

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