Peter Schutze
Graphics: Peter Schutze & Jose Ramon Faure
Status: No updates
Player: 2
Released: 2012
 Zhukov's first counterattack on the Eastern Front
 As August turns into September of 1941 and the Nazi hordes push ever deeper into the heartland of Mother Russia, General Zhukov’s Reserve Army has been given an opportunity to counterattack.
Obeying the Hitler’s orders, General Guderian has left only a handful of his Infantry divisions to hold the key road and rail centre at Yelnya while he leads Army Group Centre’s Panzer divisions south to take part in another great encirclement.

While it may not yet be time to drive the hated facists out of the beloved Rodina, pushing them back, away from Moscow, with their tails between their legs is always worthwhile ! Besides with the Nazi panzers out of the way, what better time to trial the new assault theories while conducting an encirclement of your own ?
Yelnya is designed to be an easy to learn and fast playing game for two players while still being a challenging puzzle for both sides if played solitaire.

4 page rulebook
11x17 map
88 full color single sided 5/8” counters
1 reference chart

Complexity: low
Solitaire suitability: high 
Time to play: 2-3 hours
Map scale: 2 mile hexes
Unit size: German Regiments and Soviet Divisions
Turn length: 1 day
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