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Struggle For New France

 Designer: Bill Molyneaux
 Graphics: Jose Ramon Faure
 Status: No updates
 Player: 1-2
 Released: 2013

The Battle for New France is an introductory level point to point movement wargame covering the Seven Years War (1754-1762), focussing on events occurring in North America as a grand campaign game.


Players take on the role of either the governor of New France or the British American colonies as they struggle to conduct a war with the limited resources available and unpredictable support both locally and from home as determined by their separate decks of 31 event cards.


Players actions will decide whether the American colonies are forced to cease their relentless expansion into the French trading areas or if history repeats itself and New France becomes the province of Quebec under British domination.

* 11x17" map sheet
* 8 page rulebook
* One countersheet totalling 176 counters
* 2 decks of 31 player specific events cards
* one charts and tables sheet

Complexity: Low
Solitaire suitability: Moderate 
Time to play: approximately 1 hour
Map scale: point to point
Unit size: Regiments
Turn length: Seasons (3 months)