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Designer: Peter Schutze 
Graphics: Jose Ramon Faure & Peter Schutze
Status: No updates
Players: 1 or 2
Released: 2012

This once, a lack of military intelligence was a good thing
The game takes place on the 19th and 20th of September 1943, during the Markham valley campaign aimed at seizing the important northern coastal town of Lae in Papua New Guinea.

The commando company was despatched to seize the villages of Kaiapit and renovate the airstrip while the Japanese command had despatched several battalions, primarily from the 78th regiment, to reinforce their small garrison and prepare the area as an advanced base. Fortunately for the commandos, the Japanese retreated after their vanguard’s dawn attack failed to scatter them.

The player takes the role of Captain Gordon King, commander of the 2/6 Independent Company, an Australian WW2 Commando Company of about 250 men plus various supporting attachments. The commandos Japanese opponents are governed by the system if a second player is not available.

8 page rulebook
11x17 map
88 full color double sided 5/8” counters
1 reference chart

Complexity: Below Average
Solitaire suitability: high 
Time to play: approximately 1 hour
Map scale: 100 metres
Unit size: 15 to 40 men
Turn length: 1 hour
peter schutze,
Nov 8, 2012, 1:20 AM
peter schutze,
Nov 8, 2012, 1:20 AM