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Czech Defiant

Czechoslovakia Defiant!
Designer: Peter Schutze
Graphics: Prasanta & Peter Schutze
Status: No updates
Players: 2
Released: 2012

What might have been

To avoid the threat of another Great War, the major powers of the West have early this morning decided among themselves that Germany shall be given our border areas, the so called Sudenten land, including much of our nation's industry.

I have therefore ordered General Krejci to complete the mobilization of our armed forces and proceed with the defence of our great republic on the assumption that we shall stand alone !

Historically Czechoslovakia’s President Benes accepted the terms of the 1938 Munich Agreement and handed over the Sudenten zones and with it the republic’s best hope of remaining independent. This game gives the players the opportunity to fight out this key 'what if' campaign using an adapted version of the Fall of France system.

The political rules allow for the strong possibly of initiating a regional war as neighbouring countries are dragged into the conflict. Numerous optional rules are also included to allow players to customise play to players tastes.


12 page rulebook
22x17 map
176 full color single sided 5/8” counters
1 reference chart
1 tracks sheet

Complexity: Average
Solitaire suitability: moderate 
Time to play: approximately 4 hours
Map scale: 15 mile hexes
Unit size: Brigades and Divisions
Turn length: 1 day
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