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 Schutze Games is a design studio creating a wide range of historically themed boardgames

In June 2013 we also started offering T-shirts with our box covers on them


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To order a game you can jump straight to the product list or visit the updates page to see what extra items have been provided for a title
If you are looking for older titles both NobleKnight and FineGames are the place to start

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Sentrybox.com advise that they have copies of our older titles in stock including both Victory in 'Vietna and Death in the Trenches

Would you like to learn more about what DTP games are ? Or perhaps understand the difference compared to our Professional range ?
Or get some details of games that are available as Print_n_Play from www.wargamesdownloads.com
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find a Retailer near you or just learn more about Schutze Games or see whats on the drawing board at the moment.
some Links to other smaller game publishers we enjoy
visit the games graveyard to learn about games the we published since 1999 but no longer support for various reasons.
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