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 Schutze Games is an Australian based publisher of a wide range of historically themed boardgames

In June 2013 we also started offering T-shirts with our box covers on them


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Newsflash ..... Newsflash .... Newsflash                
(general news including the SFNF tour photos are on facebook .... production updates are in works in progress)

October 8, 2013: Milne Bay (new release) and Pusan Perimeter (boxed) are now available

September 30, 2013 : Several other reviews of SFNF have been written but we cant provide a link until they are published

June 20, 2013: Richard Berg's SFNF review (sorry about the racial epitaths)

June 16, 2013: Computer Baptism at Bardia is now available ! The computer format allows some OOB options we couldnt include in the original game 

March 23, 2013: First Strike '62 and Struggle for New France are ready ! FS62 will cost $50 while SFNF will cost $35. The www.boardgamesnow.com website (the retail side of our printers, Bluepanther LLC) should be updated this weekend to accept orders.

Older Announcements
June 1, 2013: We have had a facebook site for 6 months now and are starting to understand how to use it. We are using it for regular small updates like progress reports on titles
March 13, 2013: Poland Crushed has been published as a folio game in Japanese. Sales at the game expo in Osaka were better than expected .... the publisher there expects total Japanese sales in the next few months to catch up to the boxed sales of the English version !
March 3, 2013: First Strike'62 and Struggle for New France are with the printers for final colortests etc. Should be available any day. Milne Bay is heading off for artwork
January 26, 2013: FS'62 map issue resolved. Hopefully march will see FS62, Milne Bay and Struggle for New France in print
January 18, 2013: ViV2 sold out .... last known sets available at nobleknight games
November 1, 2012: First Strike '62 still experiencing production delays due to map size and finalising the box art
June 1, 2012: Terror War and Yelnya now available
May 20, 2012: Czechoslovakia Defiant and Kaiapit now available 
March 8, 2012: Poland Crushed now available
January 20, 2012: 3 more boxed edition re-releases now available  - Aleutian Campaign, Illusionary Fortress & Sands of Iwo Jima

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