Schuster Lab  Grad curriculum

Recommended courses in preparation for dissertation research in the Schuster Lab

Core courses:

MB530     Bacterial Pathogenesis (3)
MB599     Biology of the Prokaryotes (3)
MB668     Bioinformatics and Genomics (4)
MCB554   Genome Organization, Structure and Maintenance (4)
MCB555   Genome Expression amd Regulation (4)
MCB637   Molecular Host-Microbe Interactions Seminar (3)

Other courses of interest:

BB590/1  Biochemistry (2x3)
BB654      Proteins (3)
BI545       Evolution (3)
MB516     Immunology (3)
MB520     Microbial Diversity (3)
MB548     Microbial Ecology (3)
MB556     Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology (3) 
MCB669   Genome Evolution (3)