Bastian Schulz

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I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University. I am affiliated with the Dale T. Mortensen Centre and the CESifo Research Network. My research interests lie in the fields of macro-labor and family economics. I study the interplay of individual heterogeneity, allocation mechanisms in two-sided markets with search frictions, and macroeconomic dynamics.

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  • New working paper! My paper on marriage, divorce, and labor market institutions, joint with Fabian Siuda, is now available as CESifo Working Paper No. 8508. We find that the German labor market reforms had sizable effects on the marriage market and, in particular, made interethnic marriages significantly less attractive.

  • A new version of my paper on labor market sorting and wage inequality in Germany, joint with Ben Lochner, is available. The new title of the paper is "Firm Productivity, Wages, and Sorting". It also came out as IAB-Discussion Paper No. 04/2020.

  • Together with Jonas Maibom (PI) and Rune Vejlin, I have received a new grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF). The funding supports a number of new research projects on labor market sorting with a focus on the role of firms, their productivity, and interactions with increasing sorting in the labor market.