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Choice Poems

I Am Poem
#1.  I am
#2.  Three nouns about which you have strong feelings.  Begin each with a capital letter.
#3.  A complete sentence about two things that you like.
#4-6.  Three nouns that describe what you like to see in other people; end with "are important to me."
           Capitalize each noun.
#7.  A sentence containing a positive thought or feeling.
#8-9.  Sentence in which you show something negative in yourself or others, however the sentence must end by showing that out of something BAD can come GOOD.  Use the word "but" to link the bad and good.
#10-12.  Each line is a short sentence relating something about which you have strong feelings--likes or dislikes.  They do not have to relate to each other or to the previous lines you have written.
#13.  End with "This is me" or "I am."

Student Examples:

I am

Crayolas, Redwings, Students

I like the taste of tacos and ice cream.

Honesty is important to me.

Optimism is important to me.

Selflessness is important to me.

Learn to accept new things.

                Getting lost is bad,  

But you might find somewhere new.

The world is getting weaker.

The longer the days the more beautiful they are.

People are too negative.

I am.

Sound Poem
A sound poem focuses on an onomatopoeia.

Line 1:  A sound we hear (an onomatopoeia)
Line 2:  Another sound that is associated with sound 1.
Line 3:  A sentence that describes what is going on, what that sound makes you think, or what you are describing.


Choo  Choo
Chuga-chuga, chuga-chuga, chuga-chuga
When I hear a train I think of all of the many places I  should go.

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding
It’s 5 o’clock, and it’s time to eat.

Phone Number Poem
Form:  List your phone number down the left side of your paper, and that is how many syllables are in each line. The poem will have a unified topic. Capitalize the first letter in each line, and punctuate normally.

6-I live in Iowa
6-Where it is really cold
8-In the winter, but in the spring

2-It is
4-Beautiful and
5-“A great place to grow.”

Go to www.wordle.net and make a wordle.  The more times you type in a word, the bigger it will appear in your wordle.  Requirements:  Topic & at least 20 words about the topic.  Remember, you can not go back and fix your wordle once it’s created, so create it carefully!  (Hint:  If you copy the words you type in before you press create, you can paste those same words into another wordle)

They are four lines long, two couplets.
  1. The first and second lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.
  2. Couplet 1:  The first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.
  3. Couplet 2:  To finish the clerihew, you need to write two more rhyming lines.
  4. A clerihew should be funny.

Our art teacher, Mr. Shaw,                                          N’Sync           
Really knows how to draw.                        Stink.

But his awful paintings                Their music hurts my ears
Have caused many faintings.                I much prefer Britney Spears.

Acrostic                                                                                                                  An acrostic poem spells a word down the left hand side; this is also the topic of your poem.  Each letter begins the line or sentence in the poem.

Requirements:  At least 8 letters.  Not all lines can be one word lines.

Grounds of coffee cover the
Apple core that I threw away yesterday.
Rinds from the mellon we had for supper are next to the
Banana peel I almost slipped on. I threw away the
Anchovies from a pizza I wouldn't eat and the
Grapes that were too ripe to eat.  I hate
Emptying the stinking garbage bag.

Free Verse
Free verse does not follow a regular rhyme scheme or meter, but it does make use of other elements of poetry.  Requirements:  At least 3 stanzas long.  Poem will be graded on the use of imagery, alliteration, or rhythm, metaphors and similes (see page 593 in Yellow book).

Verb Verse Poem   Requirements:  Two stanzas of 3 lines.
Line 1:  List 3 verbs                                                                                                                                        Line 2:  List 3 more verbs                                                                                                                                                    
Line 3: A sentence that ties all 6 verbs together

Two Points
Bait, Cast, Drop
Wait, Watch, Wonder
Fishing takes a lot of patience.

Pull, Reel, Tug
Skin, Cut, Cook
Fishing is worth the wait.

Phone Bill
Ring, run, answer
Question, laugh, wonder
I love to talk on the phone!

Speak, chat, discuss.
Communicate, gossip, chatter.
My friends call me all the time!