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Theory & Ear Training

A growing list of theory and ear training materials are available from Schottenbauer Publishing.  The current focus is a set of multimedia ear training materials which focus on essential areas often overlooked in traditional teaching materials. For theory and ear training in big print, refer to The Big Print Music Method.

E-files are available online from MusicaNeoBooks are available from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionCreateSpace, and other Internet Retailers. Additional details and free samples are available on the blog Music Theory and Ear Training.

E-Files Available from MusicaNeo

Ear Training Multimedia Series

Tuning & Intonation [Text + Audio]

Level 1: Unison and P5

Level 2: Intervals to P8

Intervals [Text + Audio] 

Level 1: Intervals to P8

Level 2: Intervals P8 to P15

Harmonic Overtone Series [Text + Audio]

Tone Quality [Text + Audio] 

Identifying Musical Mistakes [Text + Audio]

Level 1A: One Instrument Line

Level 2A: Two Instrument Lines

Interval Exercises  [Text + Audio]

Books Available from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionCreateSpace, and other Internet Retailers

What's Missing?  Art Puzzles Volume 2: Musical Symbols

ISBN 10: 1493715054
ISBN 13: 978-1493715053