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Lesson Plans

Teachers can now use publications from Schottenbauer Publishing for fun and exciting lesson plans!  Free lesson plans and a Teacher Resource Guide can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  

Lesson Plan Ideas

Educational materials from Schottenbauer Publishing can be used to support topics such as:


  • Geometry
    • Angles
    • Coordinate Systems
      • Determining the Origin
      • Comparing Axes
  • Graph-Reading
    • Direction, Orientation, & Magnitude
    • X-Y Coordinates vs. Time

Physical Science & Physics

  • Gravity & Acceleration
  • Force & Work
  • Velocity & Friction
  • Harmonic Oscillation
  • Rotation & Angular Momentum
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Acoustics

Health & Biophysics

  • Joint Position & Angles (Goniometer)
  • Electrical Activity of the Heart (EKG) & Muscles (EMG)
  • Breathing Rate & Lung Volume
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
  • Health, Safety, & Prevention
  • Intelligence

Human Rights & Government

  • Tests on United Nations Human Rights Treaties


  • Alphabets of the World
  • Tests, Puzzles, & Posters in Over 60 Languages


  • Young Adult Literature
  • Literary Analysis
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Epistemology


  • Elementary Music Skills 
    • Recorder
    • Band
    • Strings
    • Percussion
    • Guitar 
    • Piano
    • Organ
    • Theory
    • Ear Training
    • Conducting
  • Contemporary Music 
  • Musician Safety


  • Art History & Appreciation
  • Gestalt Perception (Whole vs. Part)

Teacher Resource Guides

Science Lab Manuals  
The Teacher Resource Guide provides an easy topic reference for the science lab manual series. In the guide, individual science lab manuals are categorized by topic area and contents. The Teacher Resource Guide is available as a pdf file, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Free sample graphs are available through links on the website Free Education Resources. In particular, the free blog Graphs in Education provides specific ideas for incorporating graphs into science, math, language, physical education, music, and art classes.

Geometry Workbooks  
Learn to place a coordinate system, measure angles, and compare coordinate systems! The lesson plan is available in file format and on YouTube as a video.

The Big Print Music Method Educator's Guide  
Learn music in big print, with color-coordinated staves and keyboards! A brief overview of The Big Print Music Method and free samples are available from MusicaNeo.

Language Puzzles
Exercise cognitive skills and learn about world alphabets with a free sample puzzle book and lesson plans, available through links on the blog Alphabet Puzzles.

Additional Free Samples & Resources

Quick links to additional resources, free samples, and book discounts are available at:

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