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Language education selections from Schottenbauer Publishing include:
  • Alphabets of the World
  • Alphabet Puzzles, Posters, & Tests
  • Original Literature

Books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, CreateSpace, and other Internet Retailers. 
Free sample graphs and lesson plans are available at Alphabet Puzzles and Free Education Resources.

Alphabets of the World

World languages contain fascinating, geometrically elaborate letters! This concise book presents alphabets from 78 languages around the world. Easy-to-read, big-print charts provide comparison and contrast between letters from geographical regions of the world. Suitable for elementary school, Alphabets of the World can be used in conjunction with alphabet puzzles, posters, and tests from Schottenbauer Publishing.

Alphabets of the World: Letters from 78 Languages

ISBN 10: 1499751893
ISBN 13: 978-1499751895

Amazon Kindle: B00KP2KMR4

Alphabet Puzzles, Posters, & Tests

Explore alphabets from around the world with these books and puzzles, designed to exercise cognitive skills. Puzzles include visual search games with numbers, operators, letters, and foreign languages. 

Literature & Composition

Original fiction and nonfiction books contain themes relevant to education in art, language, culture, and religion.