School Travel Carbon Investigation

Eureka Prize winner!

What is the carbon impact of travel to and from school each day?

What can we do to reduce this impact?

During Term 1, 2008 I conducted an investigation of these questions as a Year 8 science project.

I conducted a survey of the travel patterns of students at my school, Pacific Hills Christian School in Sydney, Australia. I then used information available online to calculate the CO2 emissions from their travel.

The data gave a clear picture of how school travel carbon emissions change with the age of the student. My survey allowed me to suggest solutions to reduce or mitigate the greenhouse impact of travelling to school. 


The Eureka Prize is a competition run by the Australia Museum. My teacher, Mrs Breedon, encouraged me to enter my project. I entered the section Action Against Climate Change Eureka Schools Prize, sponsored by Macquarie University. On 19th August 2008 at the awards dinner, my entry was announced as the winner, which was a big surprise and a great honour.

My entry took the form of a 3 minute video presentation, which you can view by clicking this link: See my Eureka Prize entry 

Thank you Australian Museum and Macquarie University!

Lots of people have been interested in my project because of the Eureka Prize. I have put a summary of the findings on this site.. click here

Daniel O'Doherty