About the project

Short summary of the project

The purpose of the project is to develop the students` abilities, which allows him to applicate the gained knowledge from school subjects in his real life. The time we are living now, is marked with the development of different technologies, information and communication technology and globalization which are interfering the entire society and especially an individual, demanding new skills and new approaches of him.

It has to be understood, that a modern student can be capable in solving different problems with different strategies, and that he owns also special skills and talents, but that there is a lack of motivation to fulfill the aim of transferring all his gained knowledge and personal abilities in his life.

Therefore, school institutions should find new paths and teaching methods, which means not only to transfer the knowledge through school subjects but also to transfer highly motivating elements with the purpose to develop the student abilities: a) to connect one kind of knowledge with another knowledge, b) to understand the purpose of the content included in the school subjects, and c) to use methods and skills for transferring his gained knowledge in his private and professional life.

The main idea of the project

The motivation and the main idea of the partners is (after gathering and analyzing different school systems in Europe and the percentage of the low educated and unemployed youth):
to make the school syllabus attractive and highly motivated for the youth with the purpose to make them stay in school and finish it which is nowadays almost the main condition to find a good job.

This project is needed because:
a) the percentage of youth which wants to leave the school system unfinished is increasing, especially in disadvantaged areas with high unemployment,
b) the school subjects are not following satisfying the rapid changes in the society, so therefore it is very important to implement into the school subjects knowledge which can ensure basic and complex competencies in students,
c) the globalized and modern society is demanding from all institutions (also from the school institutions) a modern an innovative approach which can ensure a »modern« and highly educational trained youth,
c) it is necessary to show the students, that the aim of the school subjects is not only in gathering some information or a certain knowledge, but that all school subjects can be a kind of "investment" in their future work environment,
d) it is necessary to show the teachers that they have to change their attitudes toward teaching and to implement in their school subjects contents, who ensures the connection between the knowledge and future private and professional life of a student,
e) it can help the student to understand, that all school subjects can give a contribution to his integration in our modern and globalized society,
f) it can help the student to understand, that the main goal of a school subjects is not only to get a mark on the exams but, that the aims are more complex (e. g. to face him with his level of knowledge, to show him how to upgrade this knowledge and how to use it in the future for a better paid job...),
g) it can give the student a chance to exchange his experiences with peers in another country facing the same problems,
h) it can deepen the consciousness of the teacher for the necessity of a quality teaching, which has to prevent the student form his early abandoning of the school,
i) it can make the teacher aware, that in spite of the fact, that his teaching is highly motivated and quality, that there are students, who are not capable to obtain some basic competencies, which means, that the  teacher must find new strategies in evaluating the students` knowledge and to ensure him other methods to gain this competencies gradually,
j) it can encourage the teacher to change his teaching methods focusing on the practical results of his school subject.

The concrete objectives of the project

-to show the student, that the aim of the school subjects is not only to give knowledge, but that it is possible to applicate it in his real life,
-to prove the necessity of the combination of knowledge and practical skills in any subject, but especially in the foreign language the project is based on,
-to make the student aware, that the problems of gaining new skills can not be solved with abandoning the school, and that the school can ensure transparency and is capable to offer strategies who can help him to improve his skills,
-to make the teacher acquainted, that the modern globalized society needs also modern strategies in the teaching process and the implementation of those contents, who gives  the student basic competencies (cultural awareness and expression, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competencies, digital competence, mathematical competence and basic competencies in science  and technology...),
-to make the teacher aware, that it is very important to implement highly motivated contents in his teaching process, who are raising the students` interests for school subjects and its content.

Subjects or problems we intend to address

-the project will give an emphasize on the problem of the low motivation in students for learning school subjects and expose the reasons for it,
-the project will try to point out the cause of abandoning the school,
-the project will give an emphasize on the teachers` contemporary conceptual of the school subjects: a) are the goals of the school subjects following the dynamic society and are they taking in grant the situation nowadays in the work environment, b) are the goals of the school subjects allowing the transfer of knowledge and skills in the future work process,

The approach we will take to achieve our objectives

- different sessions will be organized which will deal with different problems and give the opportunity to the students to gain information, skills and future knowledge,
- each student and teacher as well, will have its own diary for writing reflection on the events occurring during this project,
- after each session a meeting with all the participants is planned to take place (students and teachers). The purpose is to discuss all the questions which are connected with a specific session and to give proposals for solving problems or proposals for the nextcomming sessions.

Added value of our project towards a more intensive European cooperation

-the project could be a good example for creating an innovative syllabus in EU schools which are faced with the same problems,  with and emphasize on the abandoning of social excluded youth (migrants, refugees, Roma pupils, or pupils coming from unemployed families...),
-the project could be used as a long term research project in the EU countries, 
-the project could help students and educational staff as well to have the insight on different ways of solving the same problem from different points of view (the way how the specific and same problems are solved  in different EU countries),
-the project is offering a solution for multidimensional personal development, which is the precondition to understand the diversity of the European cultures,
- a special added value of the project is the opportunity for teachers to exchange their experiences and opinions with their colleagues in another country facing the same problems in the area of education.

Impact of the partnership activities on persons (pupils/learners/trainees and staff) and on the participating institutions

-the awareness of the importance of foreign languages in the teaching process and the importance of foreign languages in the communication in the various European community,
- to enrich the educational offer of the school,
- to help the student to focus on his abilities, interests and skills while acquiring his knowledge in different subjects,
- to make the student think over his attitude towards the learning process,
- to widen the outlook of the student in studying various subjects,
- to teach the student communication skills, with the purpose to understand the tolerance towards the other culture,
- to stimulate the student to analyze his attitude to his life aims, while preparing him for his future private and professional life,
- to help the student to become aware of his skills and talents through different school subjects, and how to use it in his active citizenship,
- to help the student to understand, that each school subject is offering enough space for his specific development and for training his skills,
- to help the student to understand, that each school subject is offering the student enough space for his innovative contributions to the teaching process,
- to make the student aware, that the teaching process is based on cooperation and on interaction between the teacher and the student, who should not be „one way direction” – from the teacher to the student, but bidirectional:  from the teacher to the student and vice verse,
- to deepen the consciousness of the teacher for the necessity of a multidimensional approach for teaching his subject, which has among other, to allow the student to become aware of the diversity of the modern society, and to give him the opportunity to get a knowledge about it,
- to encourage the teachers for initiation of innovative projects which could raise the quality of teaching his subject, the quality of the students work and the quality of students interactions,
-to develop the teachers responsibility toward the gained knowledge, and that this knowledge has to be forwarded to other teachers in the school, with the purpose of raising the quality of education in the school in general,
-the awareness of developing the basic life-skills and competences for the future life, which are important for the personal development, for the future job and for the active European citizenship.

Integration into ongoing activities (into the curriculum/learning activities ...)

The project will become a part of extra curricular activities which will give pupils a chance for personal development. The outcomes will be implemented in special after school activities. The outcomes of the project will be integrated as e-material and worksheets in different general and vocational school subjects. Integration detailed: Latvian/Slovenian: preparing of  Latvian/Slovenian language course for the partners;Foreign language/English: business language issues will be paid attention more than previously, business English, everyday speech will be focused on during the lessons, requesting  practical skills during the project visits;History: practical tasks in history;  the Internet-based history lessons; Sport: games and sport activities supporting a good health condition of the students, sport as free time  and healthy lifestyle activity;
Dances (folk- and sport) : an out- of- class activity necessary for students`healthy lifestyle and  free time. Dances as means of culture exchange; Chemistry: chemistry in everyday food,  in Medicines and cosmetics; Music: music as language in a diverse European community, music and folk heritage; Art and modern design, art in everyday life...