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These resources are designed to help improve schools' (especially NSW Government K-12), to obtain a better  understanding of a school’s technology currency, the perceptions and habits of its users and a sound basis for better decision-making on ICT investments.

The survey and health check will provide an evidence based basis for planning, leading to better connectivity across learning spaces and a richer student learning experience, and:

  • To make evidence-based decisions on all facets of ICT planning and expenditure
  • To provide the most relevant, targeted resources best suited to the learning needs and budgets of each individual school

Help Informed Voices be Heard Through the Noise

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SCHOOLS.NSW designs and analyses surveys for schools. Surveys are indispensable for any school that wants to identify the best strategies and resources required to guarantee  learning outcomes and to improve teacher, student and community relations,

Educators can work with SCHOOLS.NSW who will help learning communities conduct surveys the evaluation and planning of technology required to support learning outcomes.. On completion, Schools.NSW will analyse the survey results and offer advice.

In a recent survey, teachers were surprised to find that students were using technology at home ten times more than at school - both in time spent and in range of activities. Analysis of the survey results and follow-up found that this was mostly due to teachers under-estimating student abilities; Schools.NSW helped the school develop a plan that included teacher training,, new teaching programs and by moving a wider range of technology resources into each classroom..

After more than twenty years experience in science and art communications for many of the worlds leading communicators, Schools.NSW  add value and certainty through the use of our  friendly and deep experience and professional; skills. Schools.NSW  help schools work with evidence based data to improve outcomes on every level.: "All educators recognise the value of good data,  but most need help to analyse and match them to the right, action. Schools.NSW recognise that and are uniquely placed to help"


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Objectives for the Schools.NSW ICT Survey Site
  1. To evaluate Google SItes as a free and easy project-based web site solution.
  2. To provide a standardised survey suitable for NSW K-12 School ICT planning for 2014
  3. To provide survey and assoiciated resources in a collaborative context.
  4. To provide the resorces in form of a 'project' that can be handed over.


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Intended Outcome: To create an on-line survey to assist schools in their technology planning and delivery.

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