The Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) is the New York City Department of Education's focused effort to expand the number of middle schools that prepare students for college and career success. It is the product of the New York City Council Middle School Task Force ongoing collaboration with the DOE.

MSQI serves as the city's implementation plan for putting the Carnegie Reading Next report recommendations into action. Over 90 middle grades schools across the city are now benefiting from MSQI's comprehensive literacy framework. 

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Learn About MSQI
Watch this brief introductory video to get a terrific overview of the basic pillars MSQI is built on and to see and hear those pillars in action in MSQI schools.

Fall 2016 Administration
The Fall 2016 DRP assessment window is September 8 - September 23. FORM A will be administered. Student answer sheets are currently available on ATS for printing. Be sure your scanners are operable and set to scan exams for DRP FORM A Fall 2016. Students will require optimal testing conditions to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of their literacy progress. Testing accommodations, comfortable environments, organized distribution and careful collection of exam materials are required. 

MSQI-Urban Word Poetry Slam
Click here to listen to a story about the Poetry Slam that 
was braodcast on NPR's All Things Considered, or click here for more details on Words & Verbs Middle School Poetry Slam Initiative.

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Check Out the New Site Updates...

  • New Small Group Reading Instruction Toolkit (10/16) This widely used Small Group Reading Instruction Toolkit now includes more explicit writing in Cycles 1 and 2. We will soon update the website and the Google Doc with coaching resources as well. Thank you to Ali Snell for supporting this work. Please note that this latest version of the Toolkit still needs to be copy-edited and formatted, but we've released it in draft form for your immediate use.
  • Creating Community Through Book Clubs (09/16) Check out our latest video “Creating Community Through Book Clubs” filmed at Principal Doris Lee's middle school, Village Academy, in Far Rockaway, Queens for creative ideas to engage your community in reading.
  • Access the new Reading Clubs Guide (08/14)
    View this new guide to Grade 7 MSQI Reading Clubs.
    Students will engage in a Reading Club to read, discuss and analyze texts. Texts will include Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M Draper, Wonder by RJ Placio, and The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.