Global Citizenship:
Many school pupils are now expected to include global citizenship as part of their curriculum and learning experience.   Mission International is well placed to provide experienced partner organisations with safe environments, within the developing world, where pupils can become involved in life changing projects, for themselves and for those with whom they partner.

Team activities can be tailored to meet the criteria and outcomes of the school's required learning units.

What do teams do?
Typically a school team (usually of secondary 5th and 6th year pupils) will experience the following:
  • Become involved in fundraising activities in advance of deployment in chosen destination with Mission International partners in the developing world.
  • Working in partnership with a Mission International partner to achieve a pre planned project within the budget of the team.
  • Identify key areas of basic need and seek ways in which this need can be met which is mutually beneficial to the team and to the community where the team is deployed.
  • Meet people from a new culture allowing the development of new skills and broadening horizons.
  • Spend time with a local indigenous family to experience for a day what their life is like.
  • Become involved in local community activities such as churches and other community organisations.
  • Visit and take part in local school lessons and classes.
  • Visit cultural and historic sites of interest such as museums and galleries.
  • Visit a game park, trekking routes and/or other places of interest.
  • Visit a local market where they can barter and shop.
Team Supervision:
Mission International will attach a team manager/supervisor to the school team who will advise on matters to do with deployment.   The school will be required to send the appropriate number of staff with the team.   Should the team require a Mission International team leader to be deployed with the team this will have an extra cost attached.

Team Training:
A training programme has been developed for teams and it is mandatory that each team member and member of staff takes part in the complete training programme.

Team Costs/Budget:
The team costs will include:
  1. Flights
  2. Visas
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Accommodation
  5. Food
  6. Transport to and from the UK departure airport
  7. Transport within country of deployment
  8. Inoculations/Prophylactic medicines
  9. Entry into planned activities.
  10. Spending money.
  11. Project contribution.
  12. Mission international management & training fee.

Contact us for more information:
If you are interested in taking a team from your school to a destination in the developing world, please get in touch with us - here!

You can fins some more back information on our blog which is updated by teams on deployment.