The following outline is a sample only, not a complete compilation of the unit.


     A.  Study of "The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness" based 

          on Billy Graham's book Gifts, Fruits, and the 

           Fullness of the Holy Spirit.

           1.  Reading of excerpt

           2.  Discussion of selection

           3.  Questions for reinforcement

      B.  Study of the impact of one's words on others

           1.  Questions on the article "Is Your 

                Tongue Out of Control?"

            2.  CD - "Silver Boxes" by Florence

                Littauer and the importance of our words

            3.  Silver boxes - special project on kindness

            4. "Prescription Pad" - students'  analysis 

                 of scripture selections and the effect of 

                our words on others

      C.  Introduction of Psalms 23:1-3 and

            Psalms 23:6

             1.  Discussion of Psalms' selections

             2.  Questions related to Psalms'


             3.  Tests over scripture on Psalms 23:


      D.  Guideposts' story - "The View"

             1.  Questions over the selection

             2.  Application of story to kindness

      E.  Kindness vs. anti-Semitism of W.W.II

             1.  CD - Diet Eman and W.W.II and

                  her kindness toward the

                  Jewish people

              2.  Questions and discussion over CD

        F.  Study of "The Parable of the Lost

              Sheep," "The Prodigal Son" and the

             "Lost Coin"

               1.  Background video over the


                2.  Questions on video

                3.  Group discussion over parables

                4.  Review questions

                5.  Quiz over the parables

        G.  Introduction of Psalms 23: 4-5

                 1.  Discussion of Psalms 23: 4-5

                 2.  Questions over Psalms 23: 4-5

                 3.  In-depth study - life of a


                 4.  Art project culminating

                     shepherd unit

        H.  Reading of short story  on kindness -

               "The Yellow Umbrella" 

                1.  Questions on story and acts of


                2.  Student chart, monitoring their

                     own acts of kindness and


         I.  CD -  In Search of the Heroes -

            "Forget Me

               Not:  The Anne Frank Story"

                 1.  DVd about about W.W.II

                 2.  Acts of kindness in DVD

          J.  Focus on the Family's CD

               "The Stephen Moren Story"

               1.  Questions over the CD 

               2.  Analysis of true life story and

                   an act of kindness