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Fidelity Implementation Checklist!

posted Jun 7, 2011, 7:51 PM by Amy Rudd   [ updated Aug 1, 2011, 6:40 PM ]

How is 100 Book Challenge working for you?

Review this implementation checklist and determine if there is something you could do to make 100 Book work with greater fidelity to the program...
  • Purpose-why are we reading for 30 minutes a day? (15 Kinders through mid-year)
  • Mini-lesson-can focus the purpose for reading and can be easily related to the skill and strategy from Harcourt or Part of the Daily 5/Cafe
  • Conferencing-meeting individually with students (seeing your struggling readers more frequently) helps you to know them as readers.  Set appointments with them so they know you care about what they are reading...
  • Log Sheets-keeping track of their work through log sheets-check daily and make quality time to teach the routine of filling them out the right way-set high expectations from the beginning...
  • Sharing out time and lesson closure-goes back to the purpose/mini-lesson introduced at the beginning...
  • Student participation-expect great things-we're all in this together...working toward a common goal -set goals with your students and set up safety nets early so that no one fails and starts falling behind on their work...
  • Other:
Develop a school-wide approach to tracking student progress and set a building-wide goal
Have a theme-examples from the past (pirates, olympics, western round-up, race cars etc.)
Safety net-we use 100 Book Catch-up Camp to support readers who may not have parents signing or students who are frequently absent
Implement 100 Book at the same time of the day for the whole building-a no excuse policy for missing out on the opportunity to grow as a reader!
Create a levels check team-have them come in and do a spot check 3 times a year to make sure students are leveled correctly...

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