06/28/2014 The New version of the Book of the students poster abstracts is available on the download page

03/17/2014 The template for abstract presentation is available on the download page

03/07/2014 The Abstract book is available on the download page

02/26/2014 The school students are encouraged to submit an abstract (deadline 15 May) of their research that will be discussed the last day. Selected research will be published on a scientific journal

02/14/2014 In the download page is available the registration form

Conference Themes

The goal of the school is the development of knowledges regarding the use of innovative methods for the study of Cultural Heritage focusing on diagnostic and conservation aspects.

The topics will dealt considering the different view of geologists, chemists, physicists, archaeologists and conservator scientist for cultural heritage.

In particular the lessons will regard: various methods used at different observations scale for the chemical, mineralogical and structural study of the artifact; the applications of the nanotechnologies for the conservations; the approaches  for the study of museum materials also with non destructive analysis.  

The experts guided tour of the museum and archaeological site of Siracusa will be a opportunity for discussion about problems and possible solutions regarding the themes of the school.

Part of the last day will be dedicated to the presentation of the students researches.

Scientific Committee

Rossella Arletti – Università degli studi di Torino

Gilberto Artioli – Università degli studi di Padova

Germana Barone – Università degli studi di Catania

Marco Benvenuti – Università degli studi di Firenze

Anna Maria De Francesco – Università degli studi della Calabria

Paolo Mazzoleni – Università degli studi di Catania

Isabella Memmi – Università degli studi di Siena

Simona Quartieri – Università degli studi di Messina 

Info email: gbarone@unict.it  tel.: 095-7195742