Update Frequency

During the school year this site is updated every 2 weeks.  I find that this is sufficient to keep up with demand without overloading my ability to keep up. Each update contains the road map and materials for the current (and where possible) upcoming units.

How to use this site

New to this site? Here are some basic pointers:

The horizontal tabs located below the logo will take you to two distinct page types. 

Course Name:
       Under the name of your course you will find summaries of the units, assignment sequencing information, and instructions to more complex assignments all in the forms of posts. Learn more about a given topic by clicking on a post title.
     School Loop will still be used to provide due dates for your assignments. Your nightly homework is assigned in class and may not always have a due date specified online.  

         Under this tab you will find digital copies of all the handouts from class. Some are in PDF, others are on Google Docs! I am currently in the process of making everything a Google Doc so that students can complete work online! This may take awhile...

The vertical links contain information that is not specific to my courses, but provide general information relevant to students, parents, and myself. 

Disclaimer: I cannot anticipate all the concerns of a single school year so if there is information missing from this cite that you feel should be included, please feel free to contact me. 

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