inBloom Newsclips

Bill Gates at the National Conference of State Legislatures 2009, talking about the Common Core State Standards, and aligned curriculum and tests that will "unleash a powerful market... for the first time there will be a large, uniform base of customers looking at using products..."  

Gloria Neal: Who Should Have Access to Student Data (A.M. 760 Radio)

David Sirota: Big Data Means Kids' "Permanent Records" Might Never Be Erased (Motherboard)

Michelle Malkin: How not to Argue with Parents about Common Core (& privacy) (National Review)

Long Island parents fight inBloom cloud database, cite privacy concerns (Newsday)

Senator Markey raises questions about protecting student data (New York Times blog) 

Senator Markey's full letter to Education Secretary Arne Duncan:


Dr. Diane Ravitch's blog post: Is inBloom a strategic Orwellian power play to monopolize education market?

EPIC's letter to Congress, October 9, 2013
District needs civility bloom (Columbine Courier)
inBloom debate blossoms (OurColoradoNews)

Big data and schools: Education nirvana or privacy nightmare? (Hechinger)

Colorado teachers' union President endorses inBloom (Denver Post Opinion)

Jeffco merging IT programs; parents worry about kids' security (Denver Post)

New York parents furious at program, inBloom, that compiles private student information for companies that contract with it to create teaching tools (NY Daily News)

Student education data cloud inBloom puts sensitive information at risk, jeopardizes the lives of city and state students (Daily News oped)

Experts, Parents, Lawmakers Blast Database Providing Personal Student Information To Vendors (CBS/AP)

Parents Worry Over New Online Database of Student Information WNYC

Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell introduces bill to ban schools from sharing students’ personal data with private companies New York Daily News

Parents, Experts Blast New State Database of Private Student Info (NBC)

Lawsuit charges Ed Department with violating student privacy rights (WaPost)

InBloom Attorney responds: On the question of student privacy (WaPost)

Who is Stockpiling and Sharing Private Information About New York Students (Village Voice)

Privacy, big data and education: more about the inBloom databases (Hechinger)

Letter from the Learning Disabilities Association of New York State, Inc. to NYSED Commissioner John King

Colorado school board worries IT program state picked risks Jefferson County student privacy (Denver Post)

Colorado State Board of Education Board Meeting Audio (May 16, 2013 inBloom public study session)
inBloom, Jeffco and student privacy discussed on blog radio. (At the Chalk Face education reform talk show with Shaun Johnson and Time Sleker, May 12, 2013)
inBloom might be withering in Jefferson County Colorado - Susan Ohanian Speaks Out (The Network for Public Education news brief, May 18, 2013)