Bolens Diablo Rouge Technical Documents and Specifications

Overall Length = 126"      Tractor Height = 27.5"      Tractor Width = 30"      

Sled is 12" wide by 43" long and weighs 70 pounds.

502 Weight = 330 pounds    503 Weight = 380 pounds

Skis are laminated maple with urethane coating

Approximate Top Speed = 35 Miles Per Hour


Factory List Price on October 1st, 1967:            502 = $969            503 = $1,079

If you are interested in more documents, specifications and literature, I've been able to put together a packet of such information that is available. It includes:

Hirth Motoren KG 54R Assembly and Disassembly Manual (8 double sides pages)

Hirth Motoren KG 54R Assembly and Disassemby Manual in English and French (10 double sides pages)

Hirth Motoren KG 54R2 EL33 Parts Breakdown (4 double sided pages)

Hirth Motoren KG 54R3 EL32 Parts Breakdown (4 double sided pages)

Hirth Motoren KG 54R4 EL31 Parts Breakdown (4 double sided pages) 

Hirth Moteren 191R Parts Breakdown for the 503 motor (5 double sided pages) 

Hus Ski Accessories page

Diablo Rouge Model 500 Parts Catalog (6 double sided pages)

Diablo Rouge Models 502 & 503 Parts Catalog (6 double sided pages)

Diablo Rouge Models 502& 503 Owner & Operations Manual (4 double sided pages)

Hus Ski and Diablo Rouge Model information and history (6 pages)

1968 Bolens Diablo Rouge Price List and Specifications (2 pages)

Flyers and other advertisements (6 pages)

5 photocopied pages from a repair manual that have several good tid bits of information you may not find anywhere else. It also includes information, specifications and repair techniques for many different sizes of Single Cylinder Hirth Engines including the 54R

Just added 4/10/08:

Bolens Hus Ski 444 Operators Manual, Warranty cards from Bolens and Hirth, Hirth guidelines for long term storage of motor, motor piston information and other cool stuff.

Another great addition on 4/23/08 is a 4-page document stating all the changes that were made for the 502 / 503 from the original 500 design. 

6/11/08 - Added a color reproduction of an original Diablo Accessories page. On it shows the original Diablo cover offered, helmet, face mask, snowmobile suit, patch and more along with prices. Pretty neat.

10/8/08 - Added a Tillotson HR Manual.

That is a huge amount of information. The packets are broken up in to a Technical Packet ($25) and a Memorabilia Packet ($20) to cover printing and postage. Please contact Bruce at if interested. I do accept payment using Paypal if that is convenient. 

If there is specific page or manual you are interested instead of obtaining the whole packet, let me know and I can offer these at reduced costs. 

Dave P said on 3/5/08 - Just got your package, HOLY SMOKES, what a great wealth of knowledge. $25 is more than a reasonable price for what was in this package.

Frank P said on 3/24/08 - Hi Bruce, I got the info packet today. Now thats what I call fast shipping. Very nice amount of info you put together.

Pete S said on 4/19/08 - That packet was worth every penny. 

Duane B said on 5/8/08 - WOW, there is a lot of great information there.

Matt C said on 5/22/08 - My god, what a pack!!

Are you looking for Hus Ski Operator / Parts Manuals? Barrie G in Arundel has reproduced the original Hus Ski Manuals for the 200, 200-A, 600 and 444. He sells them for $5 each. If you want a well reproduced manual, contact Barrie2777 on the forum or shoot me an email and I'll pass it on to him. I can also include copies in the above packet if you wish.



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