Friends and their Hus Skis and Diablos



Many friends are in various stages of restoring or just running their Diablos and Hus Skis. Here are a few:

Math H from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec              Hus Ski    Updated 3/19/13

Ken M from Sheboygan, Wisconsin              Hus Ski        Updated 2/10/13

Norm & Nancy B from Cochrane, Ontario      Diablo   Updated 12/21/12

Peter and Joan from Calgary, Alberta            Hus Ski and Diablo   Updated 8/12/12

Clyde & Diane P from Kirkwood, New York       Diablo   Updated 8/12/12

Ken B from Utterson, Ontario                       Hus Ski   Updated   8/7/12

Tim M from Merrill, Wisconsin                     Diablo   Updated 7/8/12

Dan M from Manistique, Michigan                          Diablo   Updated 7/8/12

Matt S and the family from Center City, Minnesota     Diablo   Updated 7/8/12

Terry L from Lanark, Ontario                        Diablo   Updated 2/26/12

Cory M from Prince George, British Columbia   Hus Ski    Updated 2/26/12

Jack B from Marystown, Newfoundland        Hus Skis     Updated 2/26/12

Justin B from Chalk River, Ontario                Hus Ski    Updated 2/26/12

Bruce A from Fraser Lake, British Columbia    Hus Ski     Updated 2/25/12

Jessie C from Center City, Minnesota          Diablo   Updated 2/25/12

Steve H from Calumet, Michigan                    Hus Ski and Diablo   Updated 2/25/12

Frank P in Gwinn, Michigan                         Hus Skis     Updated 2/25/12

Dean W from Pine Island, Minnesota           Diablo   Updated 2/25/12

Bruce A jr from Greenville, Michigan             Diablo   Updated 2/25/12

Dave W from Adrian, Michigan                      Diablo      Updated 1/26/12

Randy Y from St. Charles, Illinois                 Diablo      Updated 12/3/11

Jake P from Bondurant, Wyoming                    Diablo      Updated 12/3/11

Jules V from Elmsdale, Nova Scotia              Hus Ski   Updated   10/8/11

Chris K from Fremont, Wisconsin                  Diablo   Updated 10/8/11

Wayne K from L'Amable, Ontario                    Diablo   Updated 6/13/11

Ken P in West St. Paul, Manitoba                 Diablo Updated 4/23/11

Rick C from Brightside, Ontario                   Hus Ski and Diablo    Updated 4/17/11

Brian & Elaine P from Grunthal, Manitoba                     Hus Ski   Updated   4/17/11

Melven and Linda D from Saint-Andre, New Brunswick     Diablo    Updated 4/16/11

Richard U from Niagara Falls, New York    Diablo Updated 3/29/11  

Jed O from Grafton, Wisconsin                Diablo Updated 3/29/11

Keith & Edna G from Kenai, Alaska           Diablo Updated 3/29/11

Jeannot P from Gatineau, Quebec               Hus Ski    Updated 3/29/11

Nick E from St. Anthony, Minnesota             Diablo    Updated 3/29/11

Bill S from Stone Lake, Wisconsin                Diablo    Updated 3/29/11

Tom W from Green Bay, Wisconsin       Diablo   Updated 3/27/11

Glenn T from Flint, Michigan                      Hus Ski and Diablo    Updated 2/27/11

Brett M from Rhinelander, Wisconsin            Diablo     Updated 2/27/11

John H from Mohawk, Michigan                  Hus Ski   Updated   2/27/11

Mike I from Victoria Harbour, Ontario          Diablo   Updated 2/27/11

Bruce G from Cato, New York                    Diablo  Updated 2/27/11

Reg R from The Blue Mountains, Ontario       Hus Ski    Updated 1/31/11

Dan & Maureen C from Shilo, Manitoba           Hus Ski    Updated 1/24/11

Tony P from Anaconda, Montana                   Diablo     Updated 1/20/11

Jake F from Penacook, New Hampshire           Diablo     Updated 1/12/11

Michael & Rachele R from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin         Diablo    Updated 1/12/11

Barrie G in Arundel, Quebec         Hus Skis and Diablo    Updated 1/12/11

John B from Goderich, Ontario        Hus Ski   Updated 10/19/10

Sean M from Finch, Ontario           Diablo      Updated 10/19/10

Jeff C from Canastota, New York     Hus Ski and Diablo    Updated 9/20/10

Wally S from Sault Ste Marie, Michigan      Diablo     Updated 8/20/10

Jeff W from Libertyville, Illinois               Diablo    Updated 4/2/10

Bob T from Laona, Wisconsin                  Hus Ski and Diablo  Updated 4/2/10

Dave & Deb M from Cedar, Minnesota           Diablo    Updated 4/2/10

Jeff C from Quyon, Quebec                        Diablo    Updated 4/2/10

Tony S from Edmonton, Alberta                     Hus Ski         Updated 4/2/10

Brian & Brenda K from Carthage, New York       Hus Ski         Updated 4/2/10

Walt S in Fairbanks, Alaska       Hus Ski         Updated 4/2/10

Dave & Deb Z from Gurnee, Illinois               Diablo   Updated 3/31/10

Doug & Lisa S from Brouge, Pennsylvania      Diablo   Updated 3/31/10

Bill S from Hamilton, Michigan      Diablo    Updated 3/31/10

Ronn B from Klamith Falls, Oregon      Diablo   Updated 3/31/10

Steve C from Toronto, Ontario             Diablo    Updated 3/31/10

Keith (Beefy) & Karen L from Winslow, Maine      Hus Ski and Diablo  Updated 12/12/09

Mike N in McFarland, Wisconsin    Hus Ski and Diablo Updated 12/12/09

Kirk S from Sault Ste Marie, Michigan        Diablo   Updated 11/14/09

Carl M from Dawson Settlement, New Brunswick     Hus Skis and Diablos   Updated 9/20/09

Jim S from Burnsville, Minnesota         Hus Ski  Updated 8/29/09

Jeremiah B from Spencer, Wisconsin     Hus Ski and Diablo Updated 8/29/09

Rock G in Val Rita, Ontario     Hus Ski and Diablo Updated 8/29/09

Chris S from Syracuse, New York    Hus Ski  Updated 8/17/09

Brain T from Menominee, Michigan      Diablo   Updated 7/22/09

Jim D from Durham, Maine       Hus Ski   Updated 7/22/09

Cliff S Jr from Midland, Michigan      Diablo   Updated 7/19/09

Steve & Betsy L from Racine, Wisconsin     Diablo   Updated 5/19/09

Bob S from Warwick, Rhode Island       Diablo   Updated 5/1/09

Michel S from Saguenay, Quebec       Hus Ski   Updated 5/1/09

Kevin & Diane W from Cumberland, Wisconsin     Hus Ski   Updated 4/6/09

Dave & Renee P in the World Famous Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin     Diablo Updated 2/28/09

Allan G from Perth, Ontario         Diablo   Updated 2/28/09

Ken L from Little Britain, Ontario     Hus Ski  Updated 2/21/09

Marty & Kim K from North Branch, Minnesota      Hus Ski   Updated 2/21/09

Garth & Henrietta O from Regina, Saskatchewan     Diablo  Updated 2/21/09

Charlie R from Anoka, Minnesota      Hus Ski   Updated 1/14/09

Andrew & Rene F from Kapuskasing, Ontario     Diablo Updated 12/31/08

Paul J in Windsor, Ontario         Hus Ski and Diablo    Updated 12/31/08

Carl H from St. Johns, Newfoundland       Diablo   Updated 10/19/08

Rick B from Hartford, Wisconsin      Hus Ski   Updated 10/2/08

Alex G from Abitibi, Quebec          Diablo  Updated 8/30/08

Keven A in Callander, Ontario    Hus Ski   Updated 8/12/08

Mike L from Milford, New Hampshire    Hus Skis and Diablo    Updated 8/10/08

Chuck & Lori G from Urbana, Ohio       Diablo      Updated 8/10/08

Chris R from Little Falls, Minnesota      Diablo   Updated 7/11/08

Charlie V from Naubinway, Michigan (UP)    Hus Ski   (No. The color is not a mistake) Updated 7/5/08

Greg Z from Attica, New York       Diablo    Updated 6/17/08

Jeff R in Orillia, Ontario              Hus Ski    Updated 6/13/08 

Mike J from Chesterfield, Michigan    Diablo    Updated 5/13/08

Randy H from Richfield, Ohio      Diablo Updated 5/6/08

Duane B in Canby, Minnesota       Diablo Updated 4/17/08

Gary S in Fairwater, Wisconsin   Hus Ski  Updated 4/4/08

Ken and Teri C in Laona, Wisconsin     Diablo Updated 3/20/08

Jim D in Fairbanks, Alaska        Diablos Updated 3/18/08

Brian B in Marquette, Michigan - Da UP Hey!    Diablo Updated 3/6/08

Roy T in Gatineau, Quebec    Diablo Updated 3/2/08

Doug & Sandy R in Kewaunee, Wisconsin   Diablo Updated 2/24/08

Ron O in Van Buren, Maine      Hus Skis and Diablo Updated 2/20/08

Mike K in Jackson, Wisconsin   Diablo Updated 2/20/08

Matt C in Madion Heights, Michigan     Diablo Updated 3/4/08

Rod L in Luxemburg, Wisconsin  Hus Skis and Diablo Updated 1/27/08

Mike M in Pefferlaw, Ontario    Diablo Updated 3/18/08

Kevin & Wendy C in South Dayton, NY  Diablo

Jimmy T in Dansville, IN      Diablo

Pete S in Brillion, Wisconsin  Diablo Updated 1/27/08

John and Celene C from Regina, Saskatchewan  Diablo  Updated 1/27/08

Ron E in Buffalo, Minnesota     Diablo  Updated 2/26/08

For everyone including new visitors, please share your pictures and updates and I'll post them here.

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