Diablo / Hus Ski Get Together 08 - Horicon, Wisconsin


Someone must have prayed to the Bolens God because although we had a forecast of rain all week, the sun was out most of the day and we never had as much as a sprinkle. So was another reason our first Get Together was a great success. 

We were hoping to get a few of people and a few of those unique articulating snow machines together for a cookout and wow - you guys really outdid yourselves. We had 25 people join us along with a few of the locals (Horicon was buzzing with Bolens Madness). Along with those people came 23 Diablos and Hus Skis. 

There was a lot going on including gawking, talking, trading and selling (along with a couple of units that changed hands too). We admired sleds, talked shop, enjoyed company and ate way too much. It  was  a good thing I had one of those Diablo hats on or my head would have been sunburned more than I was. 

Below are some pictures. Check back throughout the week as others will be sending me their photos and I will add them to the page. Then start thinking about next year!


Because of the way we had them lined up, it was hard to get a picture of them all as some were behind me. Sleds in many different conditions. Some we unloaded and loaded with strong backs, some without engines, some freshly restored and some right off the snow trails from several weeks ago. 

We utilized Dave and Renee's Boathouse for serving lunch. What a fun sight to see a bunch of adults sitting around the campfire (I mean the Diablo centerpiece) eating, drinking and admiring such a finely crafted machine.

Jeremiah from Spencer, Wisconsin brought his freshly restored 502. What a beauty! Jeremiah went home with a custom cover to protect this gem on the ride home and future shows.

The funniest thing I saw all day was when Mike from McFarland, Wisconsin installed his custom made wheel kit and screamed up and down the gravel with his freshly restored 503. I'm not sure if I laughed harder when he flew by us or when he almost put her in the marsh trying to turn around. They don't steer so easy in the gravel or grass. Great Job Mike! You put us all to shame! Can't wait to see the Hus Ski 444 next year!

Mike R sent in these pictures below on May 18th. 




As more people send in pictures, I'll add them to the page. As for next year, a simple but efficient survey was taken (meaning I talked to a few people :). We are considering holding the 09' Diablo / Hus Ski Get Together at an event already taking place like a Vintage Snowmobile Show, Race or other event. We would also like a place where we can take a short ride as a group. If you have ideas or events going on in your area, please let me know and we can consider them.

A special "Thanks" to Dave and Renee for their hospitality. Without their generosity and eagerness to get us together yet this year, the Get Together would not have happened.  



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