Diablo 503 Wiring & Lights



 Mike N from McFarland, Wisconsin writes:

 I ended up rebuilding the voltage inverter by hand. The smaller silver can with wires going to it is a dual diode inverter with a slow-blow fuse in it to protect the lights in case of an over revving of the engine.  This box exists also to give the battery a feeble degree of half sign-wave to charge. The Rouge has NO voltage regulator whatsoever.  Just magneto output to dump "some" voltage back into the battery for charging and the battery has to regulate itself. The lights glow dim at idle and brighten when revving it up.  Probably not a good situation for battery service life.

 Here, Mike updated the regulator by soldering a modern replaceable fuse into the circuit. Below, he shares information on the wiring. He found the switch at Waconia Vintage Sled Meet.

Diablo Rouge 503 wiring color schematic:
DKGRN  - Headlights and tail light feed
Red - Battery Power
BRN - Ignition (Open circuit= run)
BLK - Ground
Yellow - Mag output phase (X2)
Lt. Blue - Start Solenoid feed


Headlight lamps on the 503 are GE 1141 single post lamps.

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