Bolens Hus Ski


For many, if you like Diablo's, you also have a special place in your heart for the Hus Ski. Below are a few pictures of the different Hus Ski models

1958 Prototype

Bolens Hus Ski Snow Traveller (This has been moved to the new site)

Bolens Hus Ski 200  (This has been moved to the new site)

The link below brings you to a good article about Hus Ski written by Barrie Graham.

Regarding Hus Skis, I'm not very familiar with their unique features and restoration needs. However, some have shared information. When they do that, I'll post that information below by model. Hope it helps.


Hus Ski 444 Information       Updated 9/1/08


Hus Ski 200-A, 400 & 600 Clutch Repair     Moved to


JLO 252 Recoil Assembly     Moved to


Building Tracks for Hus Skis (444 example)     Go to to see this post


Jim D writes this about a resource for JLO Engines:


I want to share for all those Hus-ski lovers my greatest find. 
A friend of mine was trying to rebuild a 200A as a surprise for his father. 
The problem was that we couldn't find parts for the JLO L151/L152 engine. 
By accident or dumb luck, I found a source in Greece for those parts. They are 
responsive and ship the following day. Customs took 10 days but the
parts were as advertised.

I hope you can share this information because I know how difficult
getting those parts can be. Really, these people were so accommodating I
felt guilty asking questions. 





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