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Update 12/27/08 - Please note that a new web site is being built. The new website is As we build the site, you are welcome to view the build in process. Along the way, some pages on this site will be deleted to make room for other files. If you have feedback, please feel free to share with me (Bruce) at

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Diablo 503 Wiring & Lights   Updated 3/3/08

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Bolens 503 Hirth Motor    Updated 4/15/08

Diablo Paint and Decals   Updated 9/16/08

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I've completed the restoration of my first Diablo Rebuild and wanted to share it with others who are interested.

During the rebuild, I often looked for some information that would help. It's not that the Diablo is some complex piece of machinery, but I was excited to find others that have lots of questions too, along with many people much more experienced than I that have all the answers.

So I decided to start this site. The initial goal will be to show you what I know and gather input from others to add. Let me state this clearly - I am not an expert! Many of you out there know much more and all I ask is that when you see something that is not accurate, know of a resource, have a better suggestion, or whatever, please let me know and I'll update the information. Also note that I'll put dates on each link so you can return and easily look for new information.

You can contact Bruce at

Just a note about emails - this site is filling up with things people tell me. Thats because for the most part, they are far more interesting than I :). So if you send me an email, I reserve the right to add your comments and suggestions to the site for the good of all.

Do you have Diablos, parts or anything else Diablo related you are interested in selling. Please contact me as I'm always working with people who are looking for parts or complete units.