ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP                              

Although Thom Washburn was the eldest child of two professional engineers, it was a chemistry teacher at Fredericton High School who inspired him to study engineering.  He chose to attend Waterloo University for two reasons:
  • Thom had fond memories of living nearby in Guelph, Ontario, between the age of four and nine and 
  • he would be able to support himself through the Co-op program pioneered at that university.
Thom's parents took vicarious pleasure in watching Thom's career develop.   When he died they decided to use memorial donations from family, friends and businesses to support other young engineers with the hope of being able to follow their careers.  The fund for the scholarship is managed by The Fredericton Community Foundation.

Each year it has been the Scholarship Committee's privilege to read the applications of a dozen or more aspiring engineers graduating from the three high schools in Fredericton, to meet and interview three or four of them and to select one winner.  The applicants are all amazing and give us hope for the future.

The  winner receives $2000 per term for the first six terms at an accredited engineering school in Canada. Applications must be received by March 31, each year.  The links above describe the application process.

                     ABOUT OUR SCHOLARS

The recipients of the Thomas Washburn Memorial Engineering Scholarship, their high school, university and engineering discipline are listed below.

2005  Kevin Beattie, FHS, Geological Engineering, UNB
2006  Philippe Couturier, ESte-A, Mechanical Engineering, UNB
2007  Gillian Phillips, LHHS, Electrical Engineering, UNB
2008  Michelle Bendrich, LHHS, Chemical Engineering, UNB
2010  Matthew Nickerson, FHS, Mechanical Engineering, UNB
2011  Mitchell Small, LHHS, Mechanical Engineering, UNB
2012  Laura Shaw, FHS, Mechanical Engineering, UNB
2013  Alexander Duguid, LHHS, Civil Engineering, UNB
2014  Shannon Yazdanni, LHHS, Chemical Engineering, UNB
2015  Devyani Ambwani, LHHS, Chemical Engineering, UNB

Some Scholars have decided to stay in New Brunswick and contribute to the growth of our province.  Others choose to attend graduate schools in other provinces or abroad.  Our province, country and our world needs all of them.

Many of our scholars come home for Christmas.  We learn about their personal and professional growth when those who can, join us at a reception just before Christmas.  We are indeed fortunate that they continue to share their interesting lives with us and each other.