Rhodes House & The Cosmic Ashlar

Rhodes House Oxford University
Rhodes House in Oxford, England

In Africa, Cecil Rhodes became a farmer.  He was lucky enough; always up to date on the latest technologies and innovations.  Cecil John Rhodes bought an ice box machine and was exceptionally pleased to be able to make ice cubes in the middle of the hot summers.  It pleased him so much, as he drank milk with these ice cubes in the evenings, to share some of his ice cubes and milk drinks with his friends, the bankers, and diamond mine developers of Africa.  He was able to create a friendship with Barney Barnato and the Yiddish Bankers.  Cecil John Rhodes was a true gentleman.  
cecil john rhodes
The Right Honourable, Cecil John Rhodes

In his will, Cecil Rhodes wrote, 

"To think of those planets we see at night... those 
vast worlds yet to be reached.  I would 
annex the planets if I could.  I often think of that.  
It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far."  
-Cecil J Rhodes "Last Testament"

                Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner created a Round Table Trust and used the code word “Kindergarten” to describe it.   Cecil John Rhodes gained access to the realm of power and prestige through his membership in Apollo Lodge #357, based at Oxford University.  The lore of his secret society deals with means of communicating in silent signs, salutes, or tokens, that are only recognizable by initiated members.   Rhodes stretched a telegraph from Cape Town to Cairo.  His telegraph system still runs today.  Cecil Rhodes developed a means of communicating in a language that is today called "Visual Binary".  Several Rhodes Scholars are today, working with visual binary communications systems, including 22bit visual binary fiber optic cables.  

Apollo Lodge #357, Oxford, United Kingdom

         Many Popes through history, but not all, have had access to the Vatican underground library that preserves the history and prophecies of the Cosmic Ashlar, Scrolls of Abraham, and Tablets of Moses.  To gain riches, immortality, and the perfection of the soul, the Freemasons have sought to regain control over these ancient treasures.   The ancient treasures are listed in the Bible.  Cecil Rhodes kept a copy of the Bible largely for its accurate maps of North Africa.  He somehow longed to one day return to the Isle of Rhodes, the Island of his ancestors.
The Lost Ark
 Cecil Rhodes was told, again and again, 
that the Lost Ark, and King Solomons Mines, are both situated in Africa. 

His Holiness Pope Francis as a boy.
The Young Pope Francis

His Holiness Pope Francis, with a Dove

           Pope John XXII  (1244 - 4, December 1334), was Pope from 7 August 1316 to his death in 1334. He was the second and longest-reigning Avignon Pope.  Avignon was the predecessor to the Plantagenet Popes in the time of Edward III.  Pope John XXII was elected by the Conclave of Cardinals in Lyon through the work of King Louis X's brother Philip, the Count of Poitiers, later King Philip V of France.  A 17th-century engraving of Pope John XXII features him decoding the prophecy for the Holy Roman Empire, discovering the Cosmic Ashlar, and instituting the universal rule of law (following the Seven Laws of Noah).  The aristocracy at the time spoke in French, as many aristocrats lived in France. Philip, in 1316, managed to arrange a papal conclave of twenty-three cardinals in Lyon. This conclave elected Duèze, who took the name John XXII and was crowned in Lyon. He set up his residence in Avignon rather than Rome, continuing the Avignon Papacy of his predecessor.  John XXII involved himself in the politics and religious movements of many European countries to advance the interests of the Church. His close links with the French crown created widespread distrust of the papacy.

Pope John 22
Pope John 22nd

              Pope John XXII decoded the scriptures and prophecies of the mighty seers of the Order of the Cosmic Ashlar.  Since the early 1800's the British Monarchy has held the keys to the Cosmic Ashlar.   The Throne of England shared the ancient scrolls describing the cube with the Pope of Rome.  Holy Scripture, including the Noble Koran, shares knowledge about the companions of the order. Also known as the "friends", the secret order of "companions" has existed since before the time of the Order of the Garter formed by Edward III.

Chapel of the Order of the Cosmic Ashlar
Chapel of the Cosmic Ashlar in England
(features a descending dove) 

     The inheritors of the Cosmic Ashlar legacy are called by the word of Pope John XXII to restore the ancient Order of the Cosmic Ashlar, unifying the followers of the internalized Christ-Principal.  The first Knight of the Cosmic Ashlar traveled from Medina to Mecca and placed the Cosmic Ashlar intact into the East corner of the Ka'aba, the Noble Shrine.  

The First Knight of the Cosmic Ashlar 
Placing the Cosmic Ashlar intact into the Ka'aba in Mecca

the western wall in the time of solomon
The Western Wall, where Mohammed, peace is upon him, tied his heavenly steed. 
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graeme thomas kilshaw the grandson of thomas thornycroft rhodes
The Grandson of Thomas Rhodes, Graeme Thomas Kilshaw

The Order of The Cosmic Ashlar

The Order of The Cosmic Ashlar

Font of The Cosmic Ashlar

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