Scholarly Networks in the British Empire: 5-6 July, 2010

Sunday 4th July 

from 14.00       Wadham College accommodation open for check-in 

Monday 5th July 

        Registration - JCR Lounge, Wadham College
                      (All sessions will take place in the JCR Lounge, unless otherwise indicated)

        Welcome & Introduction
                              Dr Tamson Pietsch & Prof Janet Wilson

      Panel 1: Institutions: imperial and national 

Chair: Dr William Whyte (University of Oxford)

Prof Geoffrey Sherington
(University of Sydney): ‘Home and Away: Imagining the University of Sydney 1850-1880’ 

Dr Paul Stortz (University of Calgary): ‘From Westminster to War: Canadian Universities’ and Scholars’ Negotiated Colonial Hegemony to Great Britain, 1930-1945’ 
Dr Jerome Teelucksingh (Universities of the West Indies): ‘Afraid of cutting the umbilical cord: Influence of British tertiary education on the Anglophone Caribbean’ 

     Tea and Coffee 

11.30-13.00     Panel 2: Disciplines: foundations and development 

Chair: Dr Simon Potter (NUI Galway)

Dr Heike Jöns & Prof Michael Heffernan (Loughborough University): ‘The British Empire and Commonwealth as travel destinations of Cambridge academics: A comparison of different disciplines, 1926-1955'

Dr Ulrike Hillemann-Delaney (Imperial College, London): ‘British Sinology and the networks of Empire, 1780-1850’ 

13.00-14.00     Lunch 

14.00-15.30     Panel 3: Constructing identities: race, gender, nation 

Chair: Prof Janet Wilson (University of Northampton)

Dr Ann McClellan
(Plymouth State University): ‘Far and Away: Women’s Scholarly Networks in Postcolonial Britain’ 

Dr Juliette Milner-Thornton (Griffith University): ‘Northern Rhodesia the Half-Caste Education Debate and the Creation of Coloureds’. 
Dr E Lisa Panayotidis (University of Calgary): ‘War, Leadership, and the Action of Educated Elites: Advice to Graduating Students in Canadian Universities during a Time of War, 1939-1945’ 

15.30-16.00     Tea and Coffee 

16.00-17.30     Panel 4: Generating knowledge in the space of connection 

Chair: Dr Paul Stortz (University of Calgary)

Dr David Schorr
(University of Tel Aviv): ‘The Society for Comparative Legislation – An Imperial Discipline Colonizes the Metropolis’ 

Dr Tamson Pietsch (University of Oxford): 'Between Metropole and Colony: TH Laby and GWC Kaye's Table of Physical and Chemical Constants (1911)' 
Dr Swarupa Gupta (Ministry of Culture, Government of India): ‘Scholarly Networks, Interconnections between Universities and Ideas about Nationhood in Bengal: Beyond the Binary of Imperial Metropolis and Colony’ 

18.30-19.30     Keynote Address - Lecture Room 6, New College

                              Professor Miles Taylor (Director, Institute of Historical Research, London)
                              'The Dominion of History: the Export of Historical Research from Britain since 1850' 

19.30              Conference Dinner – Founder’s Library, New College 

Tuesday 6th July 

9.30-11.00       Panel 5: Contesting Empire 

Chair: Prof David Dickson (Trinity College, Dublin)

Dr Heather Ellis
(Humboldt University, Berlin): ‘“Great Imperial Universities”?: Critiquing Empire at Oxford, London and Edinburgh, 1890-1918’ 

Dr Sean Mills (NYU): ‘Anti-imperialism in Canada and the Caribbean: Scholarly Networks and the Creation of Left Nationalist Political Projects in the Sixties’ 
Dr Dan Rycroft (University of East Anglia): ‘Beyond colonial hegemony: ‘tribal’ identity and anthropological networks in India’ 

11.00-11.30     Tea and Coffee 

11.30-13.00     Panel 6: Scholars: networks and influence 

Chair: Dr Frank Bongiorno (Menzies Centre, King's College, London)

Prof Brian Shoesmith
(Edith Cowan University & Bangladesh): ‘A Profound Influence: The Scholarly Networks of Harold A Innis’ 

Prof Janet Wilson (University of Northampton): 'Scholarly networks and the Early European Past: Australia, New Zealand and the United States, 1900-60'
Hannah Forsyth (University of Sydney): ‘Technology and the university: two British scientists in Australia.’ 

13.00-14.00     Lunch 

14.00-15.30     Panel 7: Academic connections: from imperial to transnational 

Chair: Prof Saul Dubow (University of Sussex)

Andrew Boggs
(University of Oxford): ‘The ties of Empire, Goldwin Smith and the evolution of the Canadian university’ 

Dr Julia Horne (University of Sydney): ‘The Carnegie Corporation and universities in interwar Australia’ 
Dr Ulrike Kirchberger (University of Bamburg): ‘German Scientists in the British Empire (1850-1914): Between International Science, Imperialism and National Identity’ 

15.30-16.00     Tea and Coffee 

16.00-17.30     Roundtable: Borders, systems, networks, knowledge
                             Prof Geoff Sherington, Prof David Dickson, Prof Saul Dubow et al.