Sang Baum "Solomon" Kang

10 W 35th St, Chicago, IL, 60616, U.S.A.; 312-906-6577;;
Mission Statement
As a finance professor in a business school, I shall increase and transfer knowledge in finance. While producing genuine, elegant and relevant research, I shall help students construct their own knowledge and develop themselves into good professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ethics Statement
During my journey of academic career, I shall maintain a high level of professional ethics: 1) Non-malfeasance: Am I doing any unnecessary harm to others? 2) Beneficence: Am I benefiting someone else than me? 3) Fidelity: Am I fulfilling my part of responsibilities? 4) Autonomy: Am I allowing students and colleagues to judge themselves? 5) Justice: Am I treating students and colleagues equitably? 6) Acting consciously: Are assumptions in my decisions or behaviors valid?

McGill University, Montreal, Canada                PhD in Finance (2012)
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA    MS in Computational Finance (1999)
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI             MS in Actuarial Science (1998)
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.                     BA in Applied Statistics, Minor in Business Administration (1996)

Academic Appointments
IIT Stuart School of Business, Chicago, IL      Assistant Professor of Finance (since 2012)
McGill University, Montreal, Canada                Lecturer (2011)

Research Interest
1) Energy Finance and Commodities; 2) Asset Pricing and Derivatives

Teaching Experience
"Models for Derivatives," Illinois Institute of Technology
"Financial Derivatives," McGill University
Industry Experience
PacifiCorp Energy, Portland, OR
Director, Structuring and Pricing (Nov 2007 – Jun 2008)
Manager, Structuring and Pricing (Mar 2005 – Nov 2007)
Lead/Senior Consultant, Structuring and Pricing (Sep 2001 – Mar 2005)
Equitable Resources Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Financial Market Analyst (Sep 1999 – Sep 2001)