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Honorary Guest: Dr. Konrad Kaufmann


Matthias Schneider (CV)
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Munich
*Co-Advisor @Augsburg (Germany)

Christian Fillafer
Sound Waves in Cell
(Postdoctoral Associate)

Shamit Shrivastava, PhD (CV)

I am exploring a fundamentally new class of signaling mechanism in the form of interfacial sound pulses in biomembranes. I have previously established an opto-mechanical approach to thermodynamically characterize these pulses in the model system of lipid monolayers at the air/water interface.

Kevin Kang

 Dominik Breyer*
 Von Willebrand under Force.

Andreas Hartmann
Smart Implants, Enzymes and the Bio-Force-Probe.

Bernhard Fichtl*
Physical Contol of Catalysis

Christoph Westerhausen*
VWF under Force and Nanoparticle 
Membrane Interaction 

Kumudesh Sritharan

Microfluidcs in Biology

(PhD Thesis)

Daniel Steppich

VWF under stress 

(PhD Thesis)

Christian Leirer

Phase Transitions in membranes - morphology and permeability

(PhD Thesis)

Stephan Nuschele

The Role of Interfaces in Enzyme
Activity and Cell Adaptation

(PhD Thesis)

Juergen Neumann

SAW driven patterns in membranes 

Josef Greisbauer

Accoustic waves on phospholipids membranes. 

Stefan Boessinger
Controll of Fluctuations and Ion Channels. 

Florian Strobl*
Nanoparticle Membrane Interaction

Mohammad (Babak ) Fallah*
Bio-Microfluidcs: Cell Adhesion on VWF

Jennifer I. Angerer*
VWF - Platelets Inteaction in Flow
(PhD-Thesis) (cooperation with A. Reiniger, LMU)

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