New! Schmurgen awaruds

This year we are having something special, as it is the first ever schmurgen con award ceremony, where I will be presenting the 'Schmurgen Jonerhaffs Awards for Excellence in the field of Comic Book Excellence'. These awards are voted for by members of the pubic, so please cast your votes by emailing me at

Here are the current nominations:

Best Writer

Tony Lee, Jeph Loeb, Pierre Christin


Best Artist

Tony Lee, Pia Guerra, Steve Tillotson


Best Comic

Tony Lee, Walking Dead, Necessary Monsters


Best Painted Cover

Tony Lee, Spaceballs, The Dan Lester Mysteries


Best Graphic Novel

Tony Lee, G.I. Joe movie prequel, R. Crumb’s Book Of Genesis


Lifetime Achievement

Tony Lee, Grant Morrison, Mickey Rourke

The award ceremony take place at so don't be late! Or I will rip off your head AND SHIT DOWN YOUR NECK!