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Handicaps and Score Posting

NCGA Handicap Certification

As an NCGA Associate club, we are required to attend handicap seminars on a regular basis (every year or two).  It is our responsibility to pass this information along to our membership.  For some, this is basic information.  For others, there may be some new or clarifying information here.  Please take the time to review.

  •         Scoring holes that were conceded, where you picked up, or you were disqualified

Any hole where you did not hole out you must estimate your score.  If you are on the green, and you had a short putt, you should score what you would most likely score on that hole.

§  Laying 4 with 6 in. putt -> You can assume that you’d make the putt and card a 5.

§  Laying 3 with 10 ft putt -> It is probably more likely than not that you’d take more than one putt.  If it is most likely that you’d two putt, card a 5.  If you believe a three putt was likely, post a 6.

§  Picking up/disqualification ->    Here you can’t predict an actual score from where you picked up… so what you would do is card Par+.  That means that you start with par and add any strokes that you would have received on that hole.  If you have a Course Handicap of 25, you’d card a double-bogey on any hole with a Handicap of 1-7 and a bogey on any other hole.  Likewise, with a Course Handicap of 8, you’d card a bogey on the eight hardest holes and a par on the other ten.

  • Do not use “Tournament” when posting routine, monthly club tournaments.  Too many T’s are a bad thing.  Keep it to special “high-stakes” tournaments…  For instance, Carson City would count.  If we held “qualifying tournaments” for NCGA tournaments, those scores would apply.
  • Preferred lies/winter rules

§  All scores made under winter rules should be posted unless the conditions were so poor that such scores are not acceptable. 

§  This is important in El Niño years.  A course not playing to its rating… a course becomes saturated for an extended period of time… a course is playing longer than normally expected… would not be acceptable for posting.

§  OR the opposite… the fairways are burnt out… playing shorter than normal would not be acceptable for posting.

  • Most recent handicap
§  With the changes in technology, handicaps are currently updated twice a month.  However, to ease pressure on either the Handicap Committee or the WebMaster,  Schmidthead tournaments held on the 15th-18th of a month will typically use the handicap released on the 1st of the month.

  • Allocating handicap strokes
§  Singles Match play:  13 vs 15.  The 15 receives two strokes (15-13) on the #1 and #2 handicap holes
§  Four-ball Match play (two vs two - better of two balls):  22/9 vs 17/18.  The 9 plays to scratch. The 15, 18, and 24 receive 6, 9, and 15 strokes respectively.
§  Foursome Match play (two vs two - one ball [alternating shot]):  22/9 vs 17/18. 
Add team handicaps  22+9 = 31 vs. 17+18 = 35.  Award 50% of the difference to the team with the higher team total. 
Team 17/18 would get 35-31 = 4 * 50% = 2 strokes.
§  Individual Stroke play - Each competitor receives the full Course Handicap
§  Four-ball Stroke play - 90% of Course Handicap for men, 95% of Course Handicap for women.  Course Handicaps of partners may not differ by more than 8 strokes (or if allowed, they receive an additional 10% reduction).