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Christian Morality:

An Interdisciplinary Framework for Thinking

about Contemporary Moral Issues

Edited by Geoffrey W. Sutton and Brandon Schmidly

Available from PICKWICK Publications Eugene, Oregon

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1. Christian Morality shows people how to think about contemporary moral issues by integrating scripture, reason, and evidence.

2. Christian Morality engages readers in making moral decisions by taking on challenging topics that impact the lives of millions of people.

3. Christian Morality creates an opportunity for college teachers and church leaders to host an important discussion of key moral issues using included questions and links to numerous internet resources.


Should society care about Christian morality? Are Christians out of touch with contemporary moral decision making. CHRISTIAN MORALITY provides readers with a framework for identifying and applying Christian moral principles to divisive issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and racism.

Who would think that healing somebody would be a bad thing? Yet Jesus was accused of breaking one of God’s commandments about not working on the Sabbath! In response, Jesus used moral reasoning to show how his action was similar to an exception granted by his accusers. In this book, we will show how Christians can identify or formulate principles of morality.

Today we confront different issues than did the early followers of Jesus. In many countries, women can visit clinics to end a pregnancy but most Christian churches officially condemn abortion. After years of struggle, women still do not earn as much as men. And many churches do not let them serve as priests or senior pastors. People of the same sex can legally marry but most Christians oppose same-sex marriage on moral grounds. Despite a civil war and civil rights legislation, African Americans are incarcerated at much higher rates than whites for the same crimes. These issues demand a thoughtful Christian response. Christian Morality provides examples of how to integrate scripture with information from relevant sciences to formulate moral principles.